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Sierra Boggess Wants Her Close-Up, Barry Manilow Was Basically Justin Bieber & More Lessons of the Week

Sierra Boggess Wants Her Close-Up, Barry Manilow Was Basically Justin Bieber & More Lessons of the Week
Julie Andrews, Sierra Boggess and Tom Hanks taught us very important lessons this week.

The weather outside is frightful, but even a blizzard won’t stop us from celebrating our favorite moments on Broadway this week! From a bad-ass interview with Dame Julie Andrews to a very special Wicked and Mean Girls mash-up, check out our favorite lessons from the past seven days below.

Julie Andrews? Yeah, She’s Still Got It
It’s been nearly 50 years since Oscar winner Julie Andrews sang “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” in the Mary Poppins film, but on The Colbert ReportDame Julie insisted she can still step in time. “Damn right, I could do it,” she told host Stephen Colbert when he asked if she could play the super nanny on Broadway. “What, are you kidding?” Andrews teased. Yeah, Stephen, what the hell? Of course she can do it. She can do anything: Did you see her singing with Raven-Symoné in The Princess Diaries 2? She's practically perfect. Duh.

TV Viewers Would Rather Watch a Murder Than a Musical
Musical theater fans, take note: Sadly, you are the only ones watching Smash. While the @broadwaycom Twitter feed was flooded with your Smash-related live tweets during the season two premiere, the rest of the universe was apparently too busy watching some murdery crime show called NCIS to tune in. What the hell is NCIS? Is Jeremy Jordan in that? Is there a ridiculous Robert Palmer tribute number? Does Megan Hilty do this in it? Sorry guys, NCIS=Not Campy, Isn't Smash.

Elphaba and Glinda Are So Fetch
We were so inspired by the freaking awesome Tumblr Les Mean Girls this week that we made our own tribute to the Plastics…with a Wicked twist. And while Glinda doesn’t get hit by a bus like Regina George and Elphaba doesn’t end up in jail (oh wait, that was Lindsay Lohan), these memes combine two of our favorite things ever: the color pink and being snarky. Now if only Tina Fey would take a hint from us and get Mean Girls on Broadway already. Hurry up, Tina, it's not like you've got anything else going on!

Al Pacino Is Jessica Chastain’s Diet Godfather
The Heiress star, Oscar nominee, Golden Globe winner and overall amazing lady Jessica Chastain doesn’t need a complicated regimen to stay slim. Instead, she relies on the wisdom of her “super intense” nutrition guru, Al Pacino. While Chastain was "hoarding food" on the set of Wilde Salome, Pacino gave her some very important advice: “Never eat anything off the craft service table.” But Al, that cheese platter made Jessica an offer she couldn’t refuse! Cheese! (Oh wait, she’s a vegan. Soy cheese?)

Tom Hanks' Mustache Makes More Money Than You
He may have seemed sweet and innocent in Forrest Gump, but Tom Hanks didn’t get rich by sitting around eating boxes of chocolate on a bench all day. When the Oscar winner signed on to star in Lucky Guy on Broadway, he lobbied for a weekly salary and a share of the ticket sales, totaling much as $150,000 a week. But this cash is chump change compared to the $50 million he made in profit shares on Angels and Demons and his $70 million take from Forrest Gump. His Lucky Guy profits are probably just for facial hair upkeep. His mustache even has its own Facebook page.

Sierra Boggess Can’t Wait to Be a Washed-Up Actress
The Phantom of the Opera'Sierra Boggess is everything we could ever hope for in a leading lady: She’s talented, she’s beautiful, and she’s not afraid to be a geek. But when Boggess isn’t busy tackling choice roles from Christine to Fantine, she’s skipping the wrinkle cream so she can get ready to play forgotten film star Norma Desmond (someday) in her fave musical Sunset Boulevard. While we think she should enjoy the ingenue roles of youth, Sierra knows the truth: “There’s nothing tragic about being 50. Not unless you’re trying to be 25.” 

Barry Manilow Was Basically Justin Bieber
Before there was “2013 Barry Manilow,” the fabulous pink-suit-clad music legend we know and love, there was “1970 Barry Manilow,” or as he likes to call himself, Justin Bieber. “In the ‘70s, you couldn’t get away from me,” Barry said on Good Day New York, likening himself to the teen sensation with the feverish following. Does this mean the Biebs will inevitably wind up on the Great White Way in his golden years? Is it too early to buy tickets to the 2053 mounting of Bieber on Broadway? Please say yes.

Forget Snowstorm Nemo, Look Out for "The Rhythm"
Lock your doors, tape up your windows and break out your giant binder full of scratched CDs, because…the rhythm is gonna getcha! You can fight it every day, but no matter what you say, you know it: The rhythm is gonna get you. Gloria Estefan and her producer husband Emilio are bringing a musical based on their life story to Broadway, and you know it's going to include lots of conga lines, booty shaking and of course, an infectious assault of "the rhythm." We can't wait. In fact, we can't control ourselves any long-a.

Billy Porter Is a Dragalicious Future Role Model
You know what the world needs? A new role model! Thanks to Billy Porter, who is getting ready to strut his stuff as glamtastic diva Lola in Kinky Boots, 12-year-old aspiring drag queens won't have to slog through less fabulous parts in their middle-school productions. Porter, who is preparing to own the Broadway stage in a very Kinky way, can't wait to see "little gay black boys" tackle the role of Lola in school productions, complete with skimpy red dresses and sky-high heels. You're welcome, Plainfield High School. You. Are. Welcome.

Blythe Danner and Apple Paltrow Martin Are Texting Buddies
What does Blythe Danner do when she’s not making her three-and-a-half minute appearance in Nice Work If You Can Get It? She’s on her iPhone, texting her granddaughter Apple. “She sends me pictures of the dog, and I take pictures and send them to her,” Danner told We also imagine they rag on Goop (“Rice milk and watercress smoothie? Help me, Grandma!”), make Coldplay jokes (“Dad's band really overcharged with that free CD giveaway,”) and use a lot of emoji apples.

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