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My Fair Xtina? Five Pop Heavyweights Who Could Waltz Into Clive Davis' Broadway Revival

My Fair Xtina? Five Pop Heavyweights Who Could Waltz Into Clive Davis' Broadway Revival
Kelly Clarkson, Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Pink & Jennifer Hudson
We've picked five of Clive Davis' superstar cohorts to headline 'My Fair Lady' on Broadway.

Music mogul Clive Davis recently revealed his plans to bring My Fair Lady back to Broadway, which is certainly an exciting enough prospect. But it was Davis’ comment that he’s got “two magnificent performers” in mind for the lead roles of Eliza Doolittle and Henry Higgins that has got our random minds a-turnin’. If Davis hopes to pluck two artists from his career catalog of pop music superstars, we figured it was our duty to guess just who he’s got in mind for this loverly musical revival.

P!nk, or My Rebell!ous Lady
For a show all about a rough-on-the-edges gal getting a high society makeover, P!nk would make a fine candidate for the role of El!za. A little piercing removal here, a little tattoo cover-up there and she’d make one fa!r motherf**kin’ lady.

Kelly Clarkson, or Since U Been My Lady
The first American Idol is a crowd favorite and practically made for the stage. Pair this native Texan with the right Higgins (Hi, Justin Guarini!) and we could definitely grow accustomed to her face on Broadway.

Christina Aguilera, or My Dirrty Lady
If you’ve ever seen how the scantily clad Aguilera displays her orchestra and balcony (ahem) on The Voice, you’ll find that this pop star offers Higgins something else to grow accustomed to. Make that two somethings.

Jennifer Hudson, or (And I Am Telling You) I'm Your Lady
The Dreamgirls Oscar winner and new Smash star is a great choice for Eliza, given Hudson’s powerhouse voice, Academy-approved acting chops and outspoken desire to tackle Broadway. Effie, we all got raaaain (in Spain).

Cee Lo Green, or F**k You, Lady
Professor Higgins tells Eliza how to walk and talk—and isn’t that what Cee Lo does on The Voice anyway? Plus, you better believe that the music industry’s velvet teddy bear would emerge from the stage door with full glitter cannon explosions every night. Bring it on, Clive!

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