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Barre Hopping: Sutton Foster Makes a Shocking Discovery on Bunheads

Barre Hopping: Sutton Foster Makes a Shocking Discovery on Bunheads
Sutton Foster in 'Bunheads'
Sutton Foster discovers a surprise in the ballerinas' dressing room on 'Bunheads.'

In this week's episode of Bunheads, two-time Tony winner Sutton Foster is keeping the town of Paradise, California, safe as ballet teacher Michelle Simms. When a fire breaks out and the town’s residents have to evacuate, Michelle turns the Paradise Dance Academy into a makeshift shelter with the help of Bash (Gilmore Girls' Sean Gunn), an intense and opinionated volunteer. Meanwhile, Sasha battles a potential robber, Talia gets married and Michelle is shocked to find a condom in the studio. Could it belong to ballerinas Melanie, Ginny, Sasha or Boo? Click below to read the highlights from this week’s episode, then check back next week for more Bunheads!

Fondue Hallucinations
Michelle: "I think I just saw God."
Talia: "From eating a marshmallow?"
Michelle: "His ways are strange."
Talia: "What does he look like?"
Michelle: "Judy Garland."
Talia: "God’s a good gig for her."

Sasha’s Secret Weapons: Baseball bat, pointy Pretty Pony umbrella, two tennis racquets, ammonia, crowbar

Unexcused Absence: Madame Fanny is “out of the country.” Is that where she’s been the last several episodes? What is she doing there? When is she coming home?

Michelle’s Evacuation Center Check-In: “I’m x, y, z, so let’s see, where is…the Yogurts? Tom and Pam Yogurt? Little Billy Yogurt? Are my Yogurts here? How about Zachary Zigzag, you in the house Zach? Where is the Zig Man? Any Zombies? That starts with a Z, right? Anyone undead here, any flesh eaters, no?”

Truly’s Bridesmaid Dress: “It’s a hybrid. Beyonce in front, Pippa Middleton in back and Edward Scissorhands on the side.”

Broadway at the Ballet
Melanie: "Fanny choreographed a whole ballet about Billy Elliot a couple years ago.
Michelle: Billy Elliot is already a show.
Ginny: Ours wasn’t about Billy. It was about Billy’s coal miner father.
Melanie: We all got black lung at the end.

Evacuation Center Entertainment: Carl and Jeff’s Tommy Lee Jones impressions, Billy Elliot coal miner ballet.

Dancing Tunes: “I Predict” by Sparks

Ballerina Sex Ed
Melanie: What was that?
Ginny: It was a condom.
Melanie: I know what it was, what was Michelle doing?
Ginny: Was she offering it to us?
Sasha: That’s a misdemeanor at least.
Boo: So that was a condom, not a mint?

Sasha’s Advice
Sasha: “You are absurd Boo, you know that? Absurd.”
Boo: “Why?”
Sasha: “Because you’re on the pill but not having sex, it’s like having a superpower and not using it.”

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