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Daniel Day Who? Les Miz Star Hugh Jackman Channels Abe Lincoln to Score Some Last-Minute Oscar Votes

Daniel Day Who? Les Miz Star Hugh Jackman Channels Abe Lincoln to Score Some Last-Minute Oscar Votes
Hugh Jackman
Watch Hugh Jackman dress up as Daniel Day Lewis to score Oscar votes on 'Letterman.'

Les Misérables star Hugh Jackman looked positively presidential on February 20, when he visited the Late Show With David Letterman studio sporting a foot-tall stovepipe hat and a long, fake beard. After singing “four score and seven years ago” Les Miz-style, Jackman explained to Letterman that he was dressing as Honest Abe to “sway a few last-minute Oscar voters” before the big ceremony on February 24. Daniel Day Who?

Letterman went on to ask Jackman about his drastic weight loss for the hit film, and the actor admitted he didn’t drink any liquids for 36 hours to get a gaunt, emaciated look during the film’s opening number, “Look Down.” “You lose 10 pounds in water weight,” the actor explained. But after about 20 hours, Jackman started to regret his decision. “The headache…I had kind of a constriction [in my stomach], bad mood, and we were shooting in London in the ocean, in winter, I was really grumpy.” Nearly two days without water, soda, or most importantly, coffee? Hugh, we’re just glad you’re alive.

If the Broadway vet wins big on Oscar night, he’ll definitely be thanking his co-star Russell Crowe, whom Jackman says he owes his career to. “He turned down Wolverine [in] X-Men, and he suggested me for it,” Jackman told Letterman. “A great mate, he is a great friend. He also turned down the role I played in Australia, so I’ve been coming off the bench for Russell my entire career.” See? Javert isn’t such a mean guy after all!

Check out a clip of Jackman’s Letterman appearance below, then see if he wins a little gold man at the Oscars this weekend!

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