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Smash Survey: Which Character Is the Biggest Drama Queen?

Smash Survey: Which Character Is the Biggest Drama Queen?
Jennifer Hudson, Debra Messing & Sheryl Lee Ralph in 'Smash'
Which 'Smash' character was the biggest jerk in 'The Song'?

As Smash’s second season shapes up, the claws are coming out—from everyone! On the February 26 episode “The Song,” Derek turns into a big bag of frowns as he clashes creatively with Ronnie, who isn’t the happiest camper herself thanks to her monstrous stage mother. Also joining the pouting crowd are Julia (whose Bombshell book is getting demolished), Karen (who’s stuck in her Mean Girls phase) and Jimmy (who still has a horrible case of the “grumpy douchebags”). Frankly, everyone is in dire need of a major attitude adjustment, so this week’s Smash poll begs the question: Which character is the biggest, brashest, bitchiest drama queen?

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Which 'Smash' character is the biggest drama queen?

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