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Smash Survey Results: Go Back to Iowa, Karen!

Smash Survey Results: Go Back to Iowa, Karen!
Readers want Karen Cartwright to head back home to Iowa!

It’s been a rough week for Karen Cartwright on Smash. Not only does she have to deal with the news that her TV show is being moved to the entertainment purgatory that is Saturday night, but now she’s got readers turning on her!

In this week’s Smash Survey, we asked viewers to help Karen (Katharine McPhee) decide what to do with her life. Should she stay with Bombshell, or officially give her heart over to Hit List? Turns out fans think neither as 35% of voters decided the best thing for Karen to do is pack up and head back to Iowa, where her waitress lifestyle would no doubt welcome her back with open arms and a low-tipping party of nine.

Of course, more than half of voters wanted Karen to stick with one of her two musical projects: 28% voted that she should team up with her grumpy guy friend Jimmy (Jeremy Jordan) on the Fringe show Hit List. Another 25% opted for Karen to stick to her Marilyn Monroe guns and stay with Bombshell.

And then there was the 10% of readers who said Karen should just quit theater for good and go audition for American Idol. You mad, Kat McPhee?

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