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Fight! Fight! Fight! Who Are the Winners and Losers of This Week's Glee Report Card?

Fight! Fight! Fight! Who Are the Winners and Losers of This Week's Glee Report Card?
Did the feuds on 'Glee' make the grade?

The claws came out on the March 14 episode of Glee. With Will still fuming over Finn's kiss confession, vicious fights started to break out left and right. From Ohio to New York City, tears were shed, friendships were tested and punches were thrown. What worked, what didn’t? Here’s how “Feud” scored on’s Glee Report Card.

Best Number: It may have been fueled by pure animosity, but Ryder and Unique’s mash-up of Elton John’s “The Bitch is Back” and Madonna’s “Dress You Up” was the perfect choir room jam.

Best Line: “Don’t apply logic to Lopez.” Santana to Brody, after the randomness of breaking into NYADA and aggressively singing a Paula Abdul song 

Best Sue Sylvester Zinger: “You're dismissed. Go find a new boyfriend. Maybe Lance Bass is available, or RuPaul.” Sue's not so thoughtful advice to Tina

Biggest WTF Moment: Raise your hand if you never thought you would see Sue dressed as Nicki Minaj, rapping in a black-lit choir room while feathers fell around her.

Biggest Surprise: Just when we thought Blaine had been outwitted by Sue, we learned that he and Sam have a secret plan to take her down. Looks like this bromantic pair is also a stealthy crime duo!

Scene with the Most Heart: After all that Unique has been through this season, our hearts melted when the New Directions newbies (including ex-mean girl Kitty!) let her know they have her back.

Relationship of the Week: Marley and Finn. These two haven’t interacted too much this season, but that didn’t stop Marley from offering Finn some sound advice. We’re not proposing anything romantic here, but we see solid friendship potential.

Star of the Episode: Naya Rivera as Santana Lopez. Santana continues to bring realness to Glee with her hilariously biting insults, and her badass performance of "Cold Hearted" once again proves that she is a force to be reckoned with.

This week, Ryder made a new online BFF who helped him understand gender identity and acceptanceall via instant messenger. The only problem is that it’s totally a Catfish situation waiting to happen.

Not all of the feuding was worked out through song. Finn and Brody had an all-out fistfight at the end of the episode, with Finn fighting for his “future wife.” (Ew.) Can we make a suggestion here? Don't refer to your ex as a future spouse.

After shaking off a pregnancy scare like it was no biggie, Rachel chose new beau Brody (despite his shady dealings) over old pal Santana. One is silver and the other is gold, girl!

We’re on a Justin Timberlake high this week, so we thought the *NSYNC/Backstreet Boys number would hit the spot. Admittedly, it was a little weird to watch two grown men work out their feelings by singing boy band songs at each other, but that's Glee, right?


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