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Newsies - Broadway

The stage adaptation of the popular Disney movie dances onto Broadway!

Exclusive! The New Newsboys of Newsies on ‘Desert Island’ Picks, Dream Roles, Offstage Hobbies & More

Exclusive! The New Newsboys of Newsies on ‘Desert Island’ Picks, Dream Roles, Offstage Hobbies & More
John Michael Fiumara, Adam Kaplan, Corey Cott & Iain Young
Photo by Jenny Anderson
Meet 'Newsies' stars Corey Cott, John Michael Fiumara, Adam Kaplan & Iain Young.

It’s been a year since Disney’s mega-popular, two-time Tony-winning musical Newsies opened at Broadway’s Nederlander Theatre. In honor of the show's birthday, photographer Jenny Anderson gathered the eight talented young actors who have joined the show in recent months for a portrait session at Gantry Plaza State Park in Queens. In the first of a two-part feature, Corey Cott, John Michael Fiumara, Adam Kaplan and Iain Young tell us about their backgrounds and share dream roles, “desert island” picks and more.

Age and Hometown: 23, Chagrin Falls, OH

Moment You Knew You Wanted to be a Performer: It was more of a process than a single moment. However, I distinctly remember singing "Do You Hear the People Sing" in a closing night performance of Les Miserables when I was 14 and feeling extremely moved. Also watching Idina Menzel fly at the end of "Defying Gravity" completely rocked my world.

Most Cherished Stage Credit Before NewsiesToby in Sweeney Todd at Carnegie Mellon University

Favorite Newsies Number: "Carrying the Banner"

Dream Role in Five Years? In 20 Years? Oof. That's tough. Hopefully in five years The Hunchback of Notre Dame will be on Broadway and I would kill to play Quasimodo. 20 years? Bobby in Company or Billy Bigelow in Carousel.

“Desert Island” Album, Film and TV Show:
Album: Any album by The Lonely Island
Film: Cast Away
TV Show: Lost

Favorite Real-Life News Source: Honestly, the "news source" I pay most attention to is ESPN. For real news though? Twitter.

On My Day Off From Newsies, You'll Find Me: Hanging out with my GAWGEOUS wife and brand new puppy. And sleeping. And eating. Lots.

Age and Hometown: 19; Pittsburgh, PA

Origin of Newsboy Name: My newsboy name is Specs, because he wears glasses! He's also nearsighted ;)

Moment You Knew  You Wanted to be a Performer: I knew it when I was about four by watching Fred & Ginger and Gene Kelly! I wasn't exactly sure what they were doing, but I knew I wanted more of that, and I knew I wanted to do it too! They inspired me to do what I do.

Most Cherished Stage Credit Before NewsiesProbably when I performed at the 125th anniversary of the Capezio Awards! I had such a wonderful experience meeting new people and sharing our craft together. It was a great time.

Favorite Newsies Number: “The World Will Know.” For me, it's where the real story starts, and it also feels the most emotionally moving.

Dream Role in Five Years? In 20 Years? I honestly don't really have a specific role I see myself in, at least not yet, but I know I would still love to be on Broadway! Either that or in a dance company or something. And in 20, hopefully on Broadway, or teaching, or raising a family. Or all of them.

“Desert Island” Album, Film and TV Show:
Album: 500 Days Of Summer soundtrack
Film: Swing Time
TV Show: The Office!

Favorite Real-Life News Source: I usually just keep up with news through Facebook or on Google. And if not that, then there's always good old newspapers or TV.

On My Day Off From Newsies, You'll Find Me: Hanging out with friends, or resting my body for the next week. Pretty much by watching TV, playing music, eating a ton.

Age and Hometown: 22; Westport, CT

Origin of Newsboy Name: Technically, I have two "Newsie" names. I play Morris Delancey as well as the newsie Mike. Because there's a character Ike, naturally there should be a Mike.

Moment You Knew You Wanted to be a Performer: When I was seven, my dad took my to see our local high school production of West Side Story. I knew I immediately I wanted to be up there performing with them. Tony was a dream role for a long time because of it!

Most Cherished Stage Credit Before NewsiesBerger in Hair at Elon University. Not really type-appropriate casting, but it certainly stretched me as an actor and I loved the experience.

Favorite Newsies Number: “King of New York”! Being a Delancey brother, I get to dabble in both worlds of the show, but I love performing with the newsies at the top of Act II.

Dream Role in Five Years? In 20 Years? Jamie in The Last Five Years and Leo Frank in Parade.

“Desert Island” Album, Film and TV Show:
Album: Crash (DMB)
Film: My Cousin Vinny
TV Show: The Office

Favorite Real-Life News Source: Social media (Twitter and Facebook)

On My Day Off From Newsies, You'll Find Me: Catching up on sleep and catching up with friends!

Age and Hometown: 19; Novi, MI

Origin of Newsboy Name: Many of the characters in the show have nicknames, but I feel that my character knew his actual name. Henry is the name given to him by his parents. They left him as a baby, but his blanket had his name, Henry, stitched into it.

Moment You Knew You Wanted to be a Performer: I have wanted to perform for as long as I remember! I realized I wanted to do it as a career the summer between 8th and 9th grade.

Most Cherished Stage Credit Before Newsies: Playing Link Larkin in a high school production of Hairspray.

Favorite Newsies Number: I really love all the big numbers in the show, but if I had to pick my favorite, I would pick the moment in “Once and For All” when we all come together and sing, "There's change coming once and for all..." It is a powerful moment to be on stage!

Dream Role in Five Years? In 20 Years? This is a tough one! In five years I think it would be awesome to have a leading role of some kind. I don’t know what show it will be, but it’s a great dream to keep me motivated. As for the second part, being so young I don't really know who I will be in 20 years. Ask me again in 15! I really hope to still be doing something I truly love.

“Desert Island” Album, Film and TV Show:
Album: Continuum by John Mayer. Really, anything by him—he’s one of my idols. His musicality and songwriting are unreal.
Film: Forrest Gump
TV Show: Right now, either Boardwalk Empire or SNL

Favorite Real-Life News SourceDefinitely online sources, as well as TV when I'm waking up and going to bed!

On My Day Off From Newsies, You'll Find Me: Relaxing!!!! I love exploring new parts of the city, playing guitar and shopping.

Check back on on April 12 for the second installment of Meet the New Boys of Newsies.

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