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Weekend Poll Top Three: Smash Fans Are Yearning for an Ivy Lynn Spin-Off

Weekend Poll Top Three: Smash Fans Are Yearning for an Ivy Lynn Spin-Off
Megan Hilty in 'Smash'
'Smash' viewers want to see Ivy Lynn get her own spin-off series!

Over the long Memorial Day weekend, you may have gone boating or barbecuing, like most of the country, or you may have been like us and stayed in watching the Smash series finale. Before we officially said adios to the cast, we asked readers which Smash character they’d most like to see star in their own spin-off show. Check out what you voted for, and then let that help you find peace in a post-Smash world (since the odds of a spin-off ever happening are so slim, they’re actually negative).

1. Ivy Lynn (Megan Hilty) — 34%
Is it any surprise that fans are clamoring for Megan Hilty to get her own series? Actually, given the show’s finale (which finds Ivy pregnant with Derek’s child), Ivy’s storyline actually has the most potential for its own show—and you know she would rock the musical number during the birth montage. Ivy and Derek’s Broadway Baby, coming soon to a Netflix binge-watch queue near you.

2. Jimmy Collins (Jeremy Jordan) — 21%
Coming in at number two is Smash’s bad boy Jimmy Collins, whose plotline has pretty much wrapped itself up now that he’s going steady with Karen. Maybe the best spin-off for Jimmy is to avoid dramatic underscoring and go for the sitcom treatment. Think Joey, but with more pouting.

3. Bobby & Jessica (Wesley Taylor and Savannah Wise) — 8%
Ensemble duo Bobby and Jessica have been with Smash since the get-go, and they consistently deliver some of the show’s greatest zingers and sassy one-liners (more so Bobby than Jessica). Together, they were the Jack and Karen of the now-extinct series, so if anyone deserves a true blue spin-off, it’s this pair of cheeky chorus members. Bobby & Jessica Take The MUNY, anyone?

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