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Trunchbull's Tater Tots! Pom-Pom Punch! Sweet Texas Tea! Check Out Our Tony Party Refreshment Guide

Trunchbull's Tater Tots! Pom-Pom Punch! Sweet Texas Tea! Check Out Our Tony Party Refreshment Guide
Here's how to throw a tasty Broadway-themed party for the 2013 Tony Awards!

Planning a Tony Awards party? All you need is a TV, Internet connection (to join our party), Tony Bingo cards and a table filled with awesome, Broadway-themed refreshments. Need fresh inspiration? Check out our slightly off-the-wall ideas for the tastiest celebration of 2013.

*Matilda fans can feast on Miss Trunchbull's Tater Tots! Just bakesome classic frozen tater tots and sprinkle them cayenne pepper—they'll be as fiery and unforgiving as Crunchem Hall's notorious headmistress, and you don't have to share them with any revolting children.

*Cinderella champions should chow down on Fairy Tale Fruit Dip! Blend cream cheese and marshmallow fluff (or spoon up some vanilla yogurt) and serve with the fruit of your choice. For an even classier affair, the light and fluffly fruit dip goes down well with a flute of Champagne.

*Kinky Boots buffs can live in the land of Lola's Lollipops. Cherry-flavored Tootsie Pops dunked in melted chocolate and rolled in Pop Rocks candy. This divine sweet treat is red like Lola's favorite color, decadent as the drag queens and those pop rocks are an ode to Cyndi Lauper's snappy score.

*Motown The Musical enthusiasts should make Sugar Pie Honeybunch Bites. Garnish pecan pie filling baked in mini-phyllo pastry shells with Honey Bunches of Oats cereal. Great things come in small packages! Just ask young Barry, Stevie and Michael.

*Annie adopters can scarf down Daddy Warbucks' Famous NYC Cheesecake. When it comes to cheesecake, you can enjoy it plain, schmancy or in between. Dress a classic slice up with bright red cherry sauce and whipped cream. And, of course, it's never fully dressed without a cherry on top.

*Pippin fanatics should toast to the high-flying revival with a Morning Glow Melon Ball shooter! Melon liqueur, pineapple juice and vodka. A shot of this magical potion will make you think you can pull off the same circus tricks as the cast of this unforgettable show. Don't try anything they do at home.

*Bring It On cheerleaders can liven things up with Pom-Pom Punch: Rum, club soda, lemon juice, grapefruit juice, topped with two sugar cubes. This ra-ra-ra rum cocktail is the right amount of spunk, heart and style. Your guests will definitely cheer for more at the punch bowl.

*A Christmas Story celebrators should get in the award and holiday spirit with a Frozen Flagpole Frostbite: Tequila, white creme de cacao, blue curaçao, cream and topped with a cherry. It only takes a little bit of tequila to warm things up, and you'll be fa-la-la-la-ing into the wee hours.

*Lucky Guy groupies can get the night started right with a Lucky Irish Boilermaker! A shooter of Irish cream liqueur and Irish whiskey dropped into a glass of Guinness. What makes it lucky? If you have a couple of these, someone's bound to get lucky. Trust us.

*The Trip to Bountiful tag-alongs should sit back and relax with a big, cold glass of Sweet Texas Tea! Young folks can have their tea with lots of ice, sugar and lemon juice. For those approaching Carrie Watts' generation, add a little bit of spiced rum, and woo doggie (!) do you have a mighty fine drink.

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