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Happy 35th Birthday, Grease! We’re Finally Old Enough to Understand You

Happy 35th Birthday, Grease! We’re Finally Old Enough to Understand You
Jeff Conaway, Olivia Newton-John, John Travolta & Stockard Channing in 'Grease'
Nine reasons why we can't believe we were allowed to watch 'Grease' growing up.

The movie version of Grease turns 35 years old on June 15. Since it premiered, generations have grown up with Rydell High's Pink Ladies and T-Birds. And if you’re like us, you've been singing and dancing along to “Greased Lighting” and “Sandra Dee" since elementary school. But how could any youngster really know what this PG-rated (?!) musical is actually about. Look below for the nine Grease moments that make a lot more sense as an adult. Or maybe we were just very innocent.

Let’s start with the signature song “Greased Lighting,” a number about building the perfect car to get laid. Lyrics even feature “the chicks will cream for greased lighting.” Don't forget the part where Danny (John Travolta) references using Saran Wrap instead of a condom (2:26).  Now think about all the times you sang this ditty in front of your parents, grandparents and teachers.

Did you understand this gem when you were nine? Neither did we...
Rizzo: I've got so many hickies people will think I'm a leper.

This exchange finally makes sense, and it's more insulting than we originally thought:
Danny: You're looking good, Riz.
Rizzo: Eat your heart out.
Danny: Sloppy seconds ain't my style.

Another memorable Rizzo/Danny interaction includes this blue joke:
Rizzo: Where are you goin'? To flog your log?
Danny: Much better than hanging around here with you dorks.

Who wasn’t shouting “Fongool, I’m Sandra Dee?” at slumber parties? Little did we realize that the Italian phrase translates as “f**k you, I’m Sandra Dee.”

Did anyone understand what the 25-cent insurance policy was the first time you saw Grease?
Rizzo: Hey... ya got something?
Kenickie: Are you kidding?
[Sits up and gets a condom out of his wallet]
Kenickie: My 25-cent insurance policy.
Rizzo: Big spender!

Of course, that then leads to this turn-of-phrase masterpiece between Rizzo and Marty.

And here's another over-our-head zinger courtesy of Rizzo:
Rizzo: OK, so what do you guys think this is a gang bang?
Sonny: Yeah, you wish.

So, there we have it: Nine reasons we can’t believe our parents let us watch Grease when we were in third grade. Of course, there are many more adult jokes in the film, and there’s always Cha Cha Digregorio, which goes without saying. We leave you with this video from the drive-in movie scene. Check out the dancing hot dog and the bun, and see if you can find a life lesson worth remembering. 

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