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Colin Quinn Unconstitutional - Off-Broadway

Saturday Night Live legend Colin Quinn presents his new comedy.

Thumbs Up to Colin Quinn’s Timely and Hilarious Solo Show Unconstitutional

Thumbs Up to Colin Quinn’s Timely and Hilarious Solo Show Unconstitutional
Colin Quinn in 'Unconstitutional'
Treat yourself to Colin Quinn's a side-splitting overview of the Constitution.

With Congress gridlocked on immigration reform, gun control, health care and practically every other issue, it’s a perfect time to look back at what the Founding Fathers had in mind when they convened in Philadelphia back in 1787. Luckily, comedian and satirist Colin Quinn is offering a fast and funny history lesson in Colin Quinn Unconstitutional, which has been extended off-Broadway through August 8. This 90-minute solo show examines how the three branches of government are like people in a bar, why most U.S. presidents are ugly and how the Kardashian family reflects our country’s pioneer spirit. OK, that last part is a stretch, but Quinn manages to sneak in some thought-provoking commentary amid nonstop laughs. Amazingly, the show isn’t really political in terms of being “liberal” or “conservative”: Everybody is subject to Quinn’s shrewd eye for the absurd, but his respect for the Constitution is evident, as well. The historic Cherry Lane Theatre happens to be the perfect venue for an evening like this, and Unconstitutional is an ideal summer treat. Don’t miss it! (Click below for Quinn’s commentary on the show.)

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