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It’s National Ice Cream Day! Celebrate with Phantom, Wicked & Newsies-Inspired Cones

It’s National Ice Cream Day! Celebrate with Phantom, Wicked & Newsies-Inspired Cones
Cool down on National Ice Cream Day with these 10 (imaginary!) Broadway-inspired treats.

Times Square has been positively sweltering this week, but July 21 is looking a whole lot cooler. What’s the scoop? It’s National Ice Cream Day! To honor our favorite holiday of the year, we’ve created 10 delicious Broadway-themed ice cream treats we would love to see in grocery stores (and if you’re In the Heights, bodegas) soon. Check out our delicious concoctions below and tell us your favorite!

Vanilla Takes It All
This Mamma Mia!-inspired pint transports tasters to the sunny Isles of Greece, featuring creamy vanilla Greek yogurt drizzled with “Honey, Honey.” You’ll want to save your “Money, Money, Money” for this tasty treat!

The Phistachio of the Opera
The official ice cream of the Paris Opera House! Savor the Phantom's “Music of the Night” with French vanilla ice cream, pistachios and a hidden lair—oops, layer—of gooey and intensely romantic dark chocolate at the bottom.

Carrying the Banana
After a long day of selling papes, kick back like the lovable Newsies scamps and dig into a bowl of banana ice cream with salted caramel swirl and crunchy candied walnuts. It’s a dessert fit for a “King of New York.”

When You’re Good to Marzipan
“How you doin’, ice cream?” That’s what Chicago star Wendy Williams would say right before reaching for a pint of this dangerously delicious new dessert, featuring sweet marzipan and a sour cherry twist that's to die for.

On the Right Moose Track
Crack open a pint of this Pippin-themed treat on a sweet summer evening. The rich chocolate ice cream is laced with mini peanut butter cups, chocolate-covered peanuts and a fudge swirl that’s simply magical.

As Long as You’re Lime
This Wicked-ly delicious new flavor combines Elphaba-green lime sorbet with lemon zest and green sprinkles. Just like the hit musical, this ice-cold treat is so “Popular” you may have to fight off a pack of flying monkeys to get your hands on a bowl of it.

Revolting Rum Raisin
There’s no ice cream that grosses out the Matilda kids more than rum raisin, so if your little buggers are too busy watching the telly to do their chores, threaten them with some of this revolting stuff (featuring bitter rum-soaked raisins in a nasty yellow goo) and they’ll be sweeping the floors in no time.

In My Own Little Cone-r
Didn’t get an invite to the ball? No problem! Curl up in front of the fire and treat yourself to a scoop of Cinderella’s decadent pumpkin ice cream mixed with chocolate-covered sugar cone bits. Just don't let your stepsisters have any.

Maraschino Sherry
Rock out to the hits of Jersey Boys while sampling a scoop of Frankie Valli’s favorite sweet treat, Maraschino Sherry (really, he told us). Cherry vanilla gelato swirled with chocolate-covered maraschino cherries? Now we’re really “In the Mood for Love.”

Land of Licorice
Feeling Kinky? Put on your glittery platform boots and grab a spoon of this seriously scrumptious dessert, featuring raspberry ice cream, red licorice swirl and rainbow sprinkles, proving “The Most Beautiful Thing in the World” isn't a shoe—it's dessert!

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