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Princess Grizabella or Prince Usnavi? 20 Royal Baby Names Inspired by Broadway

Princess Grizabella or Prince Usnavi? 20 Royal Baby Names Inspired by Broadway
Broadway royal baby possibilities!
The royal baby needs a name, and we've got plenty of Broadway suggestions!

While we were waiting for the brand-new Prince of Cambridge to be born (at a whopping eight pounds, six ounces—you go, Kate!) we couldn't help thinking about the royal baby's name. William and Kate have surely already given much thought to their newborn’s namesake, but we figured we’d share some of our own suggestions, straight from the world of Broadway. After all, some of the best names in the lexicon of the English language have come from fictional works, so why not take a page from musical theater with these 20 suggestions inspired by some of our favorite Broadway characters.


Princess Lola
Because sometimes you're just born to be a queen.

Princess Bess
You is my baby now.

Princess Millie
She'll be saying "gimme, gimme" long before she enters the terrible twos.

Princess Grizabella
The glamour baby!

Princess Cosette
Great at chores, even if she won't have any.

Princess Effie
And I am telling you (I’m not napping).

Princess Sandy
Just a heads up: never let her go on vacation over the summer.

Princess Velma
And then he ran into my rattle! He ran into my rattle 10 times!

Princess Violet and/or Daisy
To ensure a daughter that will never leave you.

Princess Ariel
She’ll never need swimming lessons, but at some point she'll need her first set of training shells.


Prince Cyrano
Awesome poet, paralyzing self-esteem issues.

Prince Warbucks
Sophisticated, classy, looks great bald.

Prince Raoul
All he’ll ask of you is a diaper change.

Prince Albin
His first word will, of course, be “Zaza.” 

Prince Usnavi
Count him in for the Carnaval del Buckingham.

Prince Link
Meet one of the nicest royal kids in town.

Prince Fiyero
This Winkie prince will be dancing through nursery school in no time.

Prince Tevye
"Ya ha deedle deedle, bubba bubba deedle deedle dum" never sounded so natural.

Prince Bill or Harry or Sam
One royal baby, three possible names!

Prince Simba
He just can't wait to be king. (You saw this one coming a mile away.)

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