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Weekend Poll Top Three: Fans Want to Go to the Big House with Roxie Hart, Clyde Barrow & More

Weekend Poll Top Three: Fans Want to Go to the Big House with Roxie Hart, Clyde Barrow & More
Amra-Faye Wright in 'Chicago'
Fans voted 'Cell Block Tango' their favorite song about the slammer.

Ever since Orange Is the New Black hit our Nexflix instant stream, we haven’t been able to stop watching the dark and hilarious new TV series. We were so amused by our new favorite show that we couldn’t help but think about all of our Broadway friends who also wind up in the slammer. So, we asked you which Broadway big house song is your favorite, from “Prisoners of Love” from The Producers to “Close Every Door from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Check out the results below!

1. “Cell Block Tango” from Chicago - 40%
“Pop, six, squish, uh-oh, Cicero, Lipschitz!” Broadway fans want to spend a night in jail with the ladies of Chicago—the iconic “Cell Block Tango” was voted the number one big house song on Broadway. Featuring a chorus of merry murderesses and irresistible Fosse choreography, the “Cell Block Tango” makes getting locked up in the pen for shooting your husband seem downright sexy. “You pop that gum one more time…”

2. “Raise a Little Hell” from Bonnie and Clyde - 12%
It’s unclear whether Broadway fans want to spend the night in the clink with Clyde Barrow, or they just want an excuse to cozy up to Bonnie and Clyde star Jeremy Jordan in a jail cell, but 12% voted “Raise a Little Hell” from the 2011 Broadway musical their favorite slammer showtune. Not guilty!

3. “The Big Dollhouse” from Hairspray - 9%
“The Big Dollhouse” takes the cake for the most fun Broadway jail sequence, with nearly every female character in the musical getting locked up in a women’s penitentiary after protesting for equal rights. We wonder if a real night in the joint has so many fabulous dance breaks!

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