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First Date - Broadway

A new musical comedy that explores the most dreaded human endeavor in existence - the blind date.

First Date's Bryce Ryness Loves The West Wing, Baseball, BuzzFeed and More

First Date's Bryce Ryness Loves The West Wing, Baseball, BuzzFeed and More
What is 'First Date' star Bryce Ryness currently obsessing over?

Theater stars know what’s hot in entertainment, fashion and pop culture, so decided it was high time to tap in to the after-hours obsessions of our favorite stage actors. This week, we’re polling talented (and ferociously funny) Hair alum Bryce Ryness, who’s currently giving a scene-stealing performance as a womanizing dating expert (among other characters) in the Broadway rom-com First Date. Ryness’s list of pop culture obsessions includes Passing Strange, Buzzfeed, Brooke Shields and at least one very awesome app.

TV SHOW: The West Wing
“Yes, I know it's not on the air anymore, and Sorkin has a new show and blah blah blah... but I just prefer to think that this is how our elected (and non-elected) officials behave and speak to each other. Let me dream, people!”

MOVIE: The Shawshank Redemption
“If it is on, I will watch it. End of story.”


“I can't get enough of Anthony Evans. It was such a surprise to see him on The Voice, and I'm bummed he didn't go farther. But I dig his music, a lot."

"I still think Passing Strange at the Public was one of the best theater experiences I've ever had. Also Sleep No More. Zachary [Levi] took me to experience that recently and my brain is still swimming from it."

BOOK: Addiction & Grace by Dr. Gerald May
"It blew my mind and helped me sort through a really difficult time."

"Brooke Shields is pretty great."

"The app, of course! (Is that the right answer?) But seriously, the app is awesome. It has a 'condensed game' option where you can watch an entire game in about 12 minutes. Since I'm working in the evenings it's the easiest way to keep up. Also: Hipstamatic, Instagram."

"Whomever's got stuff at Burlington Coat Factory."

"Balboa Island, Newport Beach, CA."

"No matter how hard I try to resist, I will always click on a BuzzFeed 'Top [number] Signs...' list."

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