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Spider-Man Turn Off the Dark - Broadway

America's favorite superhero swings onto the Broadway stage.

Reeve Carney Looks Back on Kisses, Diets and a 'Magical Time' as He Waves Goodbye to Spider-Man

Reeve Carney Looks Back on Kisses, Diets and a 'Magical Time' as He Waves Goodbye to Spider-Man
Reeve Carney
'The sense of love and togetherness that we have over at 'Spider-Man' is something that I will take with me forever.'

In the corporate world, employees leaving a job are asked to sit through a sometimes grueling “exit interview” about their time at the company. Although that concept doesn’t exist for Broadway performers, we think it’s fun to check in with stars as they finish up a run. Spider-Man, Turn Off the Dark star Reeve Carney, who's played the web-slinginger since the musical landed on Broadway in November 2010, looks back on what a "rite of passage" it was to originate the role of Peter Parker/Spider-Man, why he'll take the "sense of love and togetherness" with him forever and what he will miss most when he hands over the superhero's mask and tights on September 15.

How did you feel when you first got the job?
It is a hard feeling to describe. I had always loved the theater as a child and adolescent, but truly never imagined I would performing as an actor onstage, alongside some of the greatest in the business. And now to have gone through all we have with this wonderful show...These are memories I will cherish forever. The experience of a lifetime. Wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

How do you feel now that you’re leaving?
I feel a sense of sadness... A sense of achievement... I've had to change my perspective a bit, these last few weeks. I've begun to look at it all as a race. And the runner must finish the race. I feel it is my duty to give my very best up until the very end, and adopting that attitude has certainly helped me get through these final weeks here on this run.

What are three words you would use to describe your experience in Spider-Man?
Centering, enlightening, magical.

What was the easiest thing about the job?
Kissing my co-stars.

What was the hardest thing?
Probably flying whilst singing!

What was the highlight of your time at Spider-Man?
There have been so many. The sense of love and togetherness that we have over at Spider-Man is something that I will take with me forever. And something that I hope to be a part of again. We are like one big family over there. And I am so grateful to have been grafted into a family such as this.

What skills do you think are required for future “job applicants”?
Courageousness, open-mindedness, patience and a strong work ethic.

What advice would you give?
Don't neglect the importance of diet and water intake! Those are two of the things that helped me get through such a long run. And with our particular show, getting your core in shape is paramount. I would suggest training with Dr. Edyth Heus at Revolution in Motion, here in the city.

How do you think you’ve grown during your time at Spider-Man?
It's been a rite of passage for me among all of the other wonderful things it has been. This job allowed me to connect on a deeper and more meaningful and lasting level with the parts of myself which are most dear to me, and most at the center of who I am. And for that, I am eternally grateful.

Why are you leaving?
I've been cast in the new Showtime series Penny Dreadful, in which I will be playing the role of Dorian Gray.

What will you miss most about the job?
While I'll certainly miss flying around the house every night and singing those beautiful songs so lovingly bestowed upon us by our musical creators, Bono and The Edge, as well as having the opportunity to perform for such beautiful and appreciative audiences night after night, I will miss my company most of all.

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