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‘Tis the Season for Family! 11 Broadway Shows for the Thoroughly Modern People in Your Life

‘Tis the Season for Family! 11 Broadway Shows for the Thoroughly Modern People in Your Life
The cast of 'Modern Family'
A very 'modern' gift-giving guide for your favorite theater lover.

Your fridge is full of leftovers and your inbox is overflowing with doorbuster deals. Yes, it’s time to join the Black Friday frenzy and make your favorite theater lovers happy this holiday season. Sure, there are Christmas shows galore, but do you need to find the perfect show for your family members? Don’t sweat it. Just match your loved one to the Modern Family character he or she is most like. (Come on, who doesn’t know a Cam or a Claire?) Ta-da! Instant gift guide. P.S. if you’re really stumped, there are always gift certificates. You’re welcome.

This “cool” dad (at least he thinks so), loving husband and man in touch with his inner child is the perfect match for the dazzling revival of Pippin. Deep emotions plus circus tricks? He’s so there.

She may be a little tense, but Claire claims she was a “wild child.” So what if she wasn’t at Woodstock? She knows all the words to “Me and Bobby McGee,” and probably sings it out loud in her car.

The ‘80s happened before Haley was born, so seeing Rock of Ages is practically like historical research for this college kid. Plus, it’s as close to sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll as you can get on Broadway.

Alex surely knows a must-see show for the discerning culture junkie when she sees one. Get her a copy of the script, so she can commit Tennessee Williams’ exquisite words to memory.

Sharpen your pencils for some basic arithmetic: One rambunctious teen plus a super hero, rockin’ score and spectacular flying equals the birth of a young Broadway lover.

The family patriarch would love to see the hilarious Billy Crystal wax nostalgic about baseball, jazz and his hardworking father. He’s only a tough guy on the outside, so make sure he brings his hanky.

When there’s a song called “Sex is in the Heel,” you’re not only in the Land of Lola—you’re in the land of Gloria. A full-out fabulous musical with lots of heart and lots of laughs? Done and done.

He’s a kid, but Manny has discriminating taste. There’s no way he’d miss the acclaimed Mark Rylance in the Bard’s answer to a rom-com. Get ready for a serious Shakespeare obsession.

He probably wore out his mom's Tapestry album, and we're guessing his go-to karaoke song is “Natural Woman." Surprise him with the gift of golden-voiced Jessie Mueller making the earth move under his feet.

Set aside the fact that he dressed his daughter up as Diana Ross. This splashy musical is complete with to-die-for divas and costumes. Ain’t no mountain high enough to keep Cam away from this hit.

She’s five and has a life-size princess castle. Imagine what she’ll wear to this Broadway ball!

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