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A Toast to Singing Nuns, Kids in Curtains & More! Play's Sound of Music Drinking Game

A Toast to Singing Nuns, Kids in Curtains & More! Play's Sound of Music Drinking Game
Carrie Underwood & Stephen Moyer in 'The Sound of Music'
Cheers to you, 'Sound of Music' viewers!

Champagne and rosé and big vodka gimlets—these are a few of our favorite things! We hope you have a fully stocked bar, because it’s time for the musical event we’ve all been waiting for The Sound of Music live! And what better way to watch NBC's live telecast on December 5 than by toasting along the way? has assembled a handy drinking game that will ensure, in the end, you won’t care whether the Von Trapps make it over the Alps or not. Just kidding! 

Let’s get right to it:

• Take two shots anytime an actor looks nervous—one for you and one for them.

• Down your bubbly whenever you see a familiar face from the Great White Way. Here’s a guide!

• Pull a swig every time Carrie Underwood opts to belt the last note in a song.

• Throw back your cocktail whenever Sister Berthe (the mean nun!) rolls her eyes at Maria.

• Refill your glass anytime a Tony winner starts to sing. (That’s seven Tonys on one soundstage!)

• Sip whenever the Captain blows his whistle. Sorry if the room starts spinning.

• Did a child just enter wearing curtains? Chug!

• Swig whenever you hear a song that was cut from the 1965 film. (Basically whenever Laura Benanti is giving good soprano.)

• What's a female deer? Oh, right. Take a healthy sip and repeat.

• If Uncle Max and the Baroness Elsa make a joke about being rich, you should definitely take a gulp. But extend your pinky out, all fancy-rich-like, OK?

• Drink anytime any character has a change of heart. (Sorry, we’re getting you messy!)

• If the Captain is looking longingly at Maria, you know what to do.

• Spot a Nazi? Take a shot.

• Everyone at your party needs to do a waterfall during “Something Good.”

• Toast Oscar Hammerstein during “Edelweiss.” It was the last song he wrote before his death in 1960.

• Throw your glass at the wall if Julie Andrews makes a cameo. 

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen hangover!

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