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The Glass Menagerie - Broadway

Tennessee Williams' classic drama returns to Broadway starring Cherry Jones.

Find Out If Zachary Quinto Gets Bored Onstage & Why Howard Stern’s Shrink Prescribes The Glass Menagerie

Find Out If Zachary Quinto Gets Bored Onstage & Why Howard Stern’s Shrink Prescribes The Glass Menagerie
Zachary Quinto & Howard Stern
Howard Stern's psychiatrist recommended he see Zachary Quinto in 'The Glass Menagerie.'

When Zachary Quinto isn’t prank calling Jesse Tyler Ferguson or dressing up his dog, the stage and screen star is absolutely loving his stint as Tom in the acclaimed Broadway revival of The Glass Menagerie. He seemed positively blissful when he stopped by The Howard Stern Show studio on January 8 to chat with Howard and Robin about how he might give up a few choice movie roles to star in more Broadway shows.

“I don’t know that I would give [movies] up completely,” Quinto told Stern, “But the fact that I’ve come back to the theater is something that’s so important to me. It’s a goal that I set for myself when I came out of school and started acting professionally. I’ve never enjoyed a job more than this one, to be honest.” Although we didn’t hear him volunteering to give up Spock in the Star Trek franchise, we’ve got our fingers crossed that Quinto will be sticking around the Great White Way for a while!

Now that he’s clocked in over 100 performances of The Glass Menagerie, the star admits that life on Broadway can sometimes get a teensy bit boring (um, excuse us, Zach? We beg to differ). “Sometimes, absolutely [it gets boring], and that’s where technique comes into play,” he said. “It’s why I went to college and studied acting—you’re able to still tell the story.”

Whether he’s having a blast in the show or (occasionally) bored, Quinto is having a major effect on Broadway audiences—Stern’s doctor even gave him a prescription to see the production! “My psychiatrist went to see it and said, 'It’s very important that you go see this play,'” the host told Quinto. “Because of some issues I have, he thought this would be very, very therapeutic for me.”

See Quinto in The Glass Menagerie through February 23 at the Booth Theatre—doctor’s orders!

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