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First Bridges, Now Beaches? Five More Tearjerker Movies That Need to Be Musicals

First Bridges, Now Beaches? Five More Tearjerker Movies That Need to Be Musicals
Bridges of Madison County & Beaches
'Brokeback Mountain,' 'Marley & Me' and more incredibly depressing movies that need to be musicals.

The crew has stocked up on tons of extra tissues for the first performance of The Bridges of Madison County on January 17, but after hearing the news that a musical adaptation of the sob-fest Beaches is heading to Virginia’s Signature Theatre, it looks like we’re gonna to have to make a few more trips to Costco. Now that we’ve got these two tearful tuners heading to the stage, let’s really get the waterworks flowing! Grab your tissue box and check out our list of five more movies we want to sob through onstage.

Nothing gets us more emotional than a pair of star-crossed lovers making out in a boat. If Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams don’t want to make their Broadway debuts, we’ll begrudgingly settle for Aaron Tveit and Laura Osnes (just kidding, we'd be stoked).

Get Sunny the Dog on the phone—we’ve got a new Broadway gig for her! If you’ve never bawled your way through the 2008 flick Marley & Me, you need to get on that immediately. Or you could just click on this really mean spoiler and cry about that.

This tale of forbidden love had us blubbering when we saw it in the theater, and now that Heath Ledger has passed away, it’s almost unbearably depressing. Still, Heath and Jake Gyllenhaal's secret affair has us hooked. Brokeback…we wish we knew how to quit you.

For the bawl-filled extravaganza of them all, we present Terms of Endearment, which literally left us paralyzed with sadness. Two adorable kids? Check. Mom with cancer? Check. And with heart-wrenching lines like “give my daughter the shot!!” the songs basically write themselves.

This down-home drama was based on a play, but we’re hoping for a musical version—we can just imagine the big hair, the giant armadillo cake and Clairee’s showstopping tap number, “If You Can’t Say Anything Nice, Come Sit By Me.”

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