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Nick Adams Hits the Road! The Wicked Star on His Cute Understudy, Furry Traveling Partner & New White Pants

Nick Adams Hits the Road! The Wicked Star on His Cute Understudy, Furry Traveling Partner & New White Pants
Nick Adams
Nick Adams is hitting the yellow brick road with his dog and his boyfriend!

Broadway favorite Nick Adams is about to have the best Valentine’s Day ever: Not only is he taking on the role of studly student Fiyero in the Emerald City touring cast of Wicked, but he’s bringing his boyfriend, Kyle Brown, along too! Oh, and did we mention Kyle is Nick’s understudy?! The couple and their cast mates will perform at Pittsburgh’s Benedum Center for the Performing Arts through February 9 before bringing the Land of Oz to Cincinnati, Nashville, RIchmond, Sacramento and more. caught up with Adams to chat about his new Wicked adventures on the road.

Congrats on the new gig!
Thanks, I’m so stoked! I left New York last night, and I’m signed on to do the tour for nine months.

Nine months? It must be so hard to decide what to pack.
Yeah, it was a little overwhelming. But I’m driving and I’m taking my dog! I got a car, so I’ve got it filled to the brim with luggage and everything else I might need.

Wow, they're letting you bring your dog?
Yeah, Lady, she turned 12 in November. She’s old, so I thought it would be a little traumatic to try to deal with carting her around at the airport from place to place. This will be more fun and we’ll get to have a road trip adventure together.

Is it true you’re bringing your boyfriend Kyle along, too?
Yeah, he’s been in the production for over a year, so it’s the perfect opportunity they asked me. We met doing Priscilla Queen of the Desert, so it’s crazy we're getting to work together again. And even funnier because he’s my understudy. [Laughs.]

Is there any Fiyero rivalry going on between you two?
Oh no, he’s incredibly supportive. When he first left to do this show he said, “Wouldn’t it be fun if you came out here to do Fiyero?” And I said, “Well, what are the chances we'd end up being in the same company? If I go audition they’ll probably say, ‘Oh, we have a production opening in Japan we want you to be in.’” [Laughs.] So when this happened, we couldn’t believe it.

Did you do anything fun during your last night in New York City?
I was stressing out about packing my apartment, so not really. [Laughs.] But during the day I had a coffee date with Tony Sheldon—he just got back from doing Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. We got together to just catch up and touch base and hug each other before I leave.

These Wicked fans are pretty hardcore, are you ready to meet all of these guys?
Yeah, bring it on! There are all these Wicked fans with their Twitter handles—there are so many of them. Every day I go on to Twitter and I see another one on there following me. I just hope I live up to their expectations!

Wearing Fiyero's white pants is a real honor. Are you ready to put those on?
I’ve had several fittings, and [the costumers] asked me, “Have you ever worn anything this tight?” And I was like, “Uh…yeah.” [Laughs.] But Fiyero’s got some sexy looks! You hear white pants, you’re like, oh god. But putting them on, I love them. And the boots, everything is really beautiful and tailor-made for my body, so it’s a good fit. I can’t wait!

See Adams as Fiyero in Wicked’s Emerald City tour.

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