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Idina Menzel Reigns Supreme, Andrew Rannells Doesn’t Strip and Tell & More Lessons of the Week

Idina Menzel Reigns Supreme, Andrew Rannells Doesn’t Strip and Tell & More Lessons of the Week

Well, it's still snowing. Just like last Friday. But never fear, cold and wet readers, the Lessons of the Week are here! Let's sit in front of the fire (or this) with a cup of hot cocoa and revisit the weird, crazy and fun things we've learned about our favorite shows and stars over the last seven days.

Hugh Jackman Will Be a Four-Timer
And the 2014 Tony host is…not NPH, Susan Blackwell or Laura Benanti! Hugh Jackman is back, man. (Lin-Manuel Miranda, feel free to use that gem in the Tony rap.)

Santino Fontana Has a Thing For Waffles
While normal stars had childhood crushes on Winnie Cooper and Kurt Russell, Santino Fontana had it bad for Eggo waffles. Well, if they’re so great, why don’t you marry them?

Denzel Washington Has a Young Mom
Diahann Carroll exited A Raisin in the Sun, making way for LaTanya Richardson Jackson, who's only four years older than her onstage son. Same thing happened in our high school production.

Kristin Chenoweth Dreams of Oz (Again)
Kristin Chenoweth’s ultimate dream role? A walk-on part in an all-black cast of The Wiz. Later this year, she also hopes to play Denzel Washington’s mother.

Rebecca Hall Needs a Magic Eye Poster
Poor Rebecca Hall gets so wired after her intense performance in Machinal, she has to stare at the wall for a while just to recover. Anyone have any cute posters of puppies or kitties we could send her?

Kelli O’Hara Jumps Out of Planes
The Bridges of Madison County star, a mom of two, told us she had a mile-high make-out session before jumping out of a plane. Who are you, Kelli O’Hara!? We don’t even know you anymore.

Andrew Rannells' Junk Is Private
He’s getting naked on Girls, but Andrew Rannells kept his mouth shut when Katie Couric grilled him about all the tiny details. Well, not tiny… (OK, we totally stole that joke from The Birdcage.)

It’s Hard Out There For a Broadway Star
In an unexpected turn of events, Les Miz’s Cosette, Charlotte Maltby, was replaced by Samantha Hill midway through rehearsals. Girl, you and Diahann Carroll need to do lunch.

Reese Witherspoon Observes Shabbat
The Book of Mormon's Ben Platt grew up in Los Angeles, so obviously he had sabbath dinner with Oscar winners. That's what people do in L.A. But did they really eat carbs? That'd be super weird.

Idina Menzel Is Freaking Unstoppable
She’s got a hit movie. A gold record. A new Broadway show. Toddlers everywhere want to be her. Oh, and she’s also performing at the Oscars. Geez, Idina. Why do we even bother getting out of bed?

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