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Sutton Foster Wants You Drunk, Adele Dazeem Plays the Triangle & More Lessons of the Week

Sutton Foster Wants You Drunk, Adele Dazeem Plays the Triangle & More Lessons of the Week
Santino Fontana, Adele Dazeem and Norbert Leo Butz taught us some very important lessons this week!

What a week! More Broadway shows were announced, a giant ape decided not to climb the Empire State Building after all, and the world was introduced to the Wicked-ly talented, one and only Adele Dazeem. So naturally, we learned a ton of lessons in the last seven days. Check out what Chris O'Dowd, Norbert Leo Butz, Sutton Foster and more stars taught us this week!

Travolta Can Make You Wicked-ly Famous
We know you’ve been inundated with awesome Adele Dazeem jokes all week, but seriously, John Travolta has to introduce the Best Actor in a Musical category at the Tony Awards. Then Norman Lea Bitz and Raheem Karblemoo can sing on Jimmy Fallon   and become household names!

Chris O'Dowd Wants to Shag His Co-Stars
The Bridesmaids headliner said he doesn’t like to think of his appearance in Of Mice and Men as a Broadway debut—more like a group orgy. Hey, that's not such a bad idea. That James Franco will try almost anything.

Liza Minnelli Needs a Step Stool
Poor Liza had a rough night at the Oscars. After spending all those hours dyeing that blue hair streak, she wasn't tall enough to make it into the all-star selfie. All she needed was a stepladder (or at least some super-tall stiletto heels) and a bra. Next time, Liza, next time.

Norbert Leo Butz Fits In an Envelope
Soon, we’ll be able to have Norman Lea Bitz—uh, Norbert Leo Butz—delivered right to our door! The Tony winner will star in a Netflix original series by the creators of Damages. Fingers crossed he gets an Emmy. John Travolta, you want to present? (Sorry, last joke, we promise.)

Sutton Foster Pushes Texas Tornados
Usually Broadway press events provide coffee and a plate of cheese and crackers to munch on (and if we’re lucky, slushies) but the meet and greet for the new Violet revival was stocked with tequila. Now that’s’s kind of party! We'll have a double.

Jessie Mueller Has a Sephora Request
Hey, if you’re stopping at Sephora this weekend, can you pick up some lip pencil for Beautiful star Jessie Mueller? The poor girl is trying to make do with a tiny stub that’s not even sharp. Queen Lesli, you got an extra?

Margo Seibert Can’t Take a Punch
You’d think Rocky star Margo Seibert would get used to it by now, but she says she still covers her eyes when the Italian Stallion and Apollo Creed spar. Might not want to see Les Miz then, Margo—we hear the blood is real.

Three Hunky Sailors Need a Tour Guide
The 1944 Broadway tuner On the Town is heading back to Broadway, and you know what that means—adorable men in uniform invading Times Square! If they ask you for directions, make sure to point out The Ride, evil Elmo, Madame Tussauds and the giant rats.

Santino Fontana Doesn’t Like to Share
When we asked Act One star Santino Fontana if he minded sharing the role of Moss Hart with Tony Shalhoub and Matthew Schechter, the answer was a resounding "yes." Oh, Santino. We bet you didn't like to share your waffles when you were a kid, either.

Harry Styles Wants to Enroll in Shiz
One Direction's Harry Styles is cute and all, but does he have what it takes to wear Fiyero's tight white pants? Many of our Facebook readers say no. But guys, remember when Carrie Underwood brought The Sound of Music to the masses? That turned out OK, right? Right?!

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