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Jeremy Jordan Is a Snow Queen, Kelli O'Hara Wants You to Babysit & More Lessons of the Week

Jeremy Jordan Is a Snow Queen, Kelli O'Hara Wants You to Babysit & More Lessons of the Week
Neil Patrick Harris' portrayal of Javert and Jeremy Jordan in a wig taught us some very important lessons this week!

Wait! Before you clock out and head to the bar for some very well-deserved margaritas, you're forgetting the most important part of the week...the Lessons! We're revisiting the funniest, weirdest and just completely WTF things we learned over the last seven days, and Jeremy Jordan, Idina Menzel, Daniel Radcliffe, Neil Patrick Harris, Kelli O'Hara and even Kurt Cobain taught us some really, um, interesting stuff. Check out what we learned!

Jeremy Jordan Makes a Great Ice Queen
Watch out, leading ladies—a seriously talented star is vying for the role of Elsa in the forthcoming Broadway adaptation of Frozen. And, uh, it’s Jeremy Jordan. He sang the crap out of “Let It Go” at MCC’s Miscast gala! How do you think he looks with a blonde side braid?

Idina Menzel Steals Sweaters
Broadway star, Mom, Billboard cover girl, Adele Dazeem... There’s a lot of things you can call Idina Menzel, but we never thought we’d be adding “klepto” to the list. The If/Then headliner admitted she stole some sweaters from her costume designer. Watch it, girl—people have been thrown in jail for less.

Daniel Radcliffe Looks Like a Woman
Before taking the stage in The Cripple of Inishmaan, Daniel Radcliffe spent a couple of months filming Frankenstein with chin-length hair extensions. This week, Kelly Ripa finally said what the rest of us were thinking: DanRad would make the most gorgeous woman ever. NPH, are you sure you don’t need an understudy?

NPH & Jason Segel Never Forget a Tune
HIMYM stars Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Segel wowed viewers in 2005 with their hilarious rendition of “The Confrontation” from Les Miz. Nine years later, they nailed an impromptu request to do it again at Inside the Actors’ Studio. Guys, that was amazing! Now do “Take Me Or Leave Me.”

Christian Slater Is Stalking the Heathers
Umm, has anyone noticed that suspicious-looking guy lurking around New World Stages? It’s none other than the original star of the '80s flick Heathers,  Christian Slater. He secretly attended Heathers: The Musical this week, then jumped on stage and tried on J.D.’s costume. Dude, what’s your damage?

Elphie & Wendla Will Still Be Movie Stars
Never fear, you’ll still get to see your favorite witch and your favorite sexually repressed German schoolgirl on the big screen! Both the Wicked movie and the Spring Awakening film are on track, and let’s be honest, both of them will probably star Anna “I’m-in-every-movie-musical-this-year” Kendrick. (Not that we mind!)

Kurt Cobain Might Entertain Us
Surprise, ’90s rock fans: Courtney Love has announced that a Broadway musical based on Kurt Cobain’s life is “very likely to happen,” provided she assembles the right director, composers and design team. Hey William Ivey Long, it probably wouldn’t hurt to hit up the Garment District now, just to make sure they have enough flannel.

Kelli O’Hara Needs a Babysitter
On Show People, Bridges leading lady Kelli O’Hara admitted she could use an extra hand (or ten) to help her take care of her new baby daughter. Let’s all babysit! Let’s pass her around the audience of Schoenfeld Theatre while her mom performs—if she cries, at least she’ll drown out the ringing cell phones and crinkling candy wrappers. Readers Are Sooo Gullible
Guys. Seriously. You actually thought Sophia Grace Brownlee got cast in the Spring Awakening movie on April 1? And that later in the day, she was replaced by Lilla Crawford?! Come on. (But you gotta admit, Sarah Brightman as Carlotta and Aaron Tveit in The Full Monty are great ideas.)

Frozen Is Freaking Unstoppable
The hit film Frozen became the highest-grossing animated movie ever this week, beating previous record holder Toy Story 3. The insanely popular film has grossed over $1 billion since its November 2013 release. Damn. 8-year-olds sure have a lot of disposable income these days.

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