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NPH Doesn’t Want Fries With That, Lesli Margherita Has a Squeaky Stalker & More Lessons of the Week

NPH Doesn’t Want Fries With That, Lesli Margherita Has a Squeaky Stalker & More Lessons of the Week
Laura Osnes' peanut butter addiction and Steven Pasquale's Carol Channing impression made our week!

Before you cut out of work early and head to the beach for some much-needed relaxation time—wait, what? It's still freezing outside? Oh, whoops. Let's try this again. Before you cut out of work early and head to your couch for a much-needed Netflix-and-Snuggie fest, let's learn something from the crazy, strange and totally weird stuff that happened on Broadway this week. Ready? Let's go!

NPH Can’t Finish a Sandwich
Jared Leto—uh, we mean Hedwig star Neil Patrick Harris—has lost 20 pounds for his new role, and on GMA, he joked about being “manorexic” and only eating a few bites of his lunch. Stop it, Neil. Finish that sandwich. It’s what Miss Hedwig would want.

James Franco Collects Ticket Stubs
Of Mice and Men star James Franco has yet another hobby we didn’t know about: He collects ticket stubs from every Broadway show he’s seen. Aww, that’s so cute! You know what's not as cute? Cursing out a critic on Instagram. (P.S. Need to talk? Call us. We’re here for you.)

Queen Will Rock You...Again
If you've ever wondered happens to Galileo, Scaramouche and their pals after the Queen jukebox musical We Will Rock You ends, you're in luck, because Brian May is working on a sequel. Does Meat get cooked? Does Adam Lambert star? Will we ever figure out the plot? Did we mention Adam Lambert?!

The Threepenny Cast Is Starving
When Laura Osnes took us backstage at The Threepenny Opera, she and her castmates spent a lot of time talking about 16 Handles (duh), cupcakes, brownies, peanut butter (twice) and cheese. Guys, take a field trip to the Belasco—we hear NPH has sandwiches.

James Monroe Iglehart Makes Sh*t Up
How did Aladdin funny guy James Monroe Iglehart score the role of the Genie? By completely ignoring the script and making up his own lines at his audition, saying pretty much whatever he wanted. Guys, this is a really good thing to try when you audition for your high school play.

Lesli Margherita Needs a Bodyguard
Matilda star Lesli Margherita had a super-giant Q&A (Q&AAA, Q&AAA…) session on her video blog this week, and what did we learn? Well, that some of her fans are a little, uh, stalkery. As it turns out, everyone wants to be the Queen—even this guy.

Steven Pasquale Does Carol Channing
We knew Bridges star Steven Pasquale has a great voice and looks fantastic with his shirt off, but did you know he can do impressions? On Side By Side, he channeled Mandy Patinkin, Carol Channing, Jim Carrey and a ton more. Quick, someone write a musical adaptation of The Mask! Pasek? Paul?

The Obamas Made Us Late
The President and First Lady had a date night last Friday, and instead of their usual trip to the Olive Garden, they decided it would be fun to see a Broadway show. Meanwhile, after struggling to get past the police barricades and blocked-off streets, every other ticketholder said “f*ck it” and went to the Olive Garden.

Will Swenson Licks (& Likes) His Wife
Les Miz star Will Swenson was the newest victim of autocorrect this week, when a text reading “I like my wife” was suddenly changed to “I lick my wife.” (Swenson did admit, however, that this statement is also true.) Quoth the Wee Posse of Three: “Eww!”

Audra McDonald Shoots Cats
Speaking of Will Swenson’s liked and licked wife, Lady Day star Audra McDonald told us her pre-show warm-up is so weird, people must think she’s “shooting cats.” Wait, did you say you’re shooting Cats? The movie!? OMG, OMG, OMG. Are you Grizabella or Gumbie Cat?

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