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Lady Day at Emerson's Bar & Grill - Broadway

Audra McDonald stars as Billie Holiday in this one-woman bio-play.

Five Awesome Things We Learned About ‘Eggfartopia,’ Audra McDonald & Will Swenson’s Country House

Five Awesome Things We Learned About ‘Eggfartopia,’ Audra McDonald & Will Swenson’s Country House
Audra McDonald & Will Swenson
Want a break from the hustle and bustle of city life? Come on down to Eggfartopia!

Welcome to Eggfartopia, the eight-acre stretch of land in Westchester, New York, that Lady Day headliner Audra McDonald and Les Miz star Will Swenson call home. Although we can’t figure out why they actually call it Eggfartopia (Audra? Will? Help us out?), they revealed some very cute things about their house, their relationship and their daily lives in The New York Times. Check out what we learned!

1. They have an outdoor living room
In addition to their gorgeous house, the McSwensons (which we will now exclusively be calling them) also bought the home next door, tore it down, but saved part of the living room—including the fireplace—to use as an outdoor space to relax. They also used it as an altar when they got married, which is equal parts creative and adorable.

2. Audra randomly scatters Tonys around
There’s no backlit hardwood Tony cabinet in the McSwenson household. Instead, the “odd Tony Award” is sprinkled around the house, including in the Chill Room, where the kids hang out. Hey Audra, could we borrow one, just, you know, for a couple of days?

3. The food isn’t always delicious
Although the couple’s amazing sounding wedding menu is recorded on a chalkboard in the McSwensons’ kitchen (mmm, grilled salmon, Kobe beef hot dogs and mac and cheese), the wee posse apparently hates it when Audra cooks—and she can’t cook anything but eggs. Wait, is that where Eggfartopia comes from?

4. Frogs provide the song stylings
You’d think the McSwensons would sit around singing showtunes all night (that’s what all Broadway stars do during their off-time, isn’t it?) but in the evening, they prefer the music of frogs. When they’re sick of the croaking, they also play tunes on Audra’s grandmother’s piano, a treasured family heirloom.

5. There’s a cocaine couch
No. It’s not what you think. They call it the “cocaine couch” because it’s so comfortable, once you sit down you can never get up again. They say there’s no actual cocaine in it, but in Eggfartopia, you never can be too sure.

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