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Lea Michele Has Idina Amnesia, Ramin Karimloo Can Sing Through Anything & More Lessons of the Week

Lea Michele Has Idina Amnesia, Ramin Karimloo Can Sing Through Anything & More Lessons of the Week
We learned some very important lessons from Lea Michele, Ramin Karimloo and Andy Karl this week!

The time has come, the day is’s Friday! Before we prepare for a weekend of champagne and caviar (fine, beer and Netflix), let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we? We learned a lot of crazy stuff this week, from the college role Celia Keenan-Bolger would rather forget to the Glee co-star that Lea Michelle actually did forget. So without further ado, we present the Lessons of the Week!

Lea Michele Forgot Her Glee Mom
Spring Awakening alum Lea Michele released a memoir/how-to-guide/cookbook this week—but she somehow failed to include If/Then star Idina Menzel in her list of favorite Glee guest stars of all time. Lea! How dare you leave out the momma who bore you?! You’re grounded, young lady.

A Ladder Can’t Stop Ramin Karimloo
As he's already established, Les Miserables headliner Ramin Karimloo isn’t a fan of ringing cell phones, but he kept some impressive composure as crew members talked, dropped things and carried ladders through his “Bring Him Home” sound check. JVJ's gotta pick his battles.

Life Isn't a Cabaret For CKB
We assume Tony nominee Celia Keenan-Bolger would have been perfectly marvelous as Sally Bowles in her college production of Cabaret, but she insists she was embarrassingly terrible. We’ll be the judge of that, CKB. Videos or it didn’t happen.

The R.M.S. Titanic Can’t Catch a Break
Godspeed, ship of dreams! Oh, wait. Maybe not. The Broadway revival of Titanic has been postponed, so sadly you won’t get to see Jack and Rose and all their friends try to escape certain death in 2014-15. Wait, they’re not in it? What’s the musical even about, then?!

Daniel Radcliffe Is a Flaky Friend
When Michael C. Hall found out his pal Daniel Radcliffe was starring in The Cripple of Inishmaan, he ran right over to see his performance. But did Radcliffe return the favor and see The Realistic Joneses? Nope. Dan Rad, we weren’t going to bring this up, but you also forgot our birthday.

Hedwig Fans are Handsy
Neil Patrick Harris kisses, motorboats and “car washes” lucky audience members every night in Hedwig and the Angry Inch—but he was still surprised when a patron slipped him a little tongue at a recent performance. Sorry about that, Neil. We just couldn’t contain ourselves.

James Snyder Sells Merch Part-Time
In his video blog, If/Then star James Snyder has been showing us some of the odd jobs he does around the theater to make ends meet. This week, he took us to the merch table, where he (unsuccessfully) tried to sell a patron a CD. James, we could use an extra hand at—do you do windows?

The Kings of New York Live in Utah
Watch out, Barden Treblemakers, there’s a new group of hunky singing dudes on the scene. BYU Vocal Point, an a cappella group at Utah’s Brigham Young University, released an impressive one-shot video of the students performing a gorgeous Newsies medley. Wow, that's some serious seizing the day, guys.

Andy Karl Is Starving! Please Send Food
You’d think downing raw eggs every night would be enough sustenance for the Rocky headliner, but Andy Karl says all that punching and running is making him crave food constantly. Please send peanut butter cups immediately, c/o, 729 7th Ave., New York, NY, 10019. We’ll make sure he gets them.

B'way Stars Are High on Life (& Drugs)
When we asked the starry crowd at the Drama League luncheon which substances they were hopped up on that afternoon, we got a variety of weird answers, including kombucha tea, oatmeal, gum, green tea, cold medicine and God. Geez, doesn’t anyone just smoke crack anymore?

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