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Idina Menzel Likes Hairy Hosts, Brian J. Smith Has a Crush on a Senior Citizen & More Lessons of the Week

Idina Menzel Likes Hairy Hosts, Brian J. Smith Has a Crush on a Senior Citizen & More Lessons of the Week
This week, we learned about Sarah Greene's talented toes and Idina Menzel's love of...chest hair?

Do you know what time it is? No, not Hammer Time. Not Peanut Butter Jelly Time. Not Time After Time. It’s time for the Lessons of the Week! Every Friday, brings you the craziest, weirdest and silliest things we’ve learned over the last seven days—and this week, Idina Menzel, Ramin Karimloo, Jarrod Spector and more stars really surprised us.

Idina Menzel Loves Hairy Guys
Well, this is a weird one. When we asked If/Then star Idina Menzel what she’d like to do with Tony host Hugh Jackman, she answered: “Rub his chest hair.” Um, we were hoping to see them sing “Let It Go” together, but this is way more interesting.

Broadway Stars Have Gross Talents
This week, we grilled the Tony nominees about their secret talents. A Gentleman’s Guide star Lauren Worsham can stick her tongue in her own nostril—not to be outdone by Inishmaan’s Sarah Greene, who can light cigarettes with her feet. Don't you gals know any card tricks?

Wanna Sing Like Queen Lesli? Here’s How
Matilda star Lesli Margherita has revealed her official “Singers Diet.” Aspiring actors, get a pen. The secret ingredients are... (drumroll please)... Dr. Pepper, Hot Tamales and Vitamin Water. That’s it, guys! You’ll be screeching at maggots in no time.

Stro Still Has Her Baseball Caps
Bullets Over Broadway director Susan Stroman says she’s grown out of the signature baseball caps she wore circa 1993 to 2004, but don't worry, she’s still got ‘em stashed in her closet. Stro, we’d pay top dollar for one of those at the BC/EFA flea market.

Jarrod Spector Is NOT a 3rd-Rate Frankie
A fan told Beautiful’s Jarrod Spector that he was her third favorite Frankie Valli. Guys, we’ve been through this before. They may be unnaturally talented, but Broadway stars have feelings, too. And in stage door emergencies, if you absolutely must, lie.

Lindsay Lohan Missed Her Cue
Guess what? Lindsay Lohan wants to headline a show in the West End! She’s so serious about the idea, she slept through / forgot about / otherwise missed her mega-important interview with the Sunday Times about it. Good start, Lindsay. Good start.

Brian J. Smith Likes the Older Ladies
Tony nominee Brian J. Smith could bring any gal (or guy) he wants to the awards on June 8—but like most eligible bachelors, he's pining for five-time Tony winner Angela Lansbury. Come on, who wouldn’t want to date the spunky octogenarian after seeing these moves?

B'way Won’t Be Getting Smell-o-Vision
Sorry, looks like you’re going to have to dig out your old copy of Burlesque to get your Christina-Aguilera-in-a-musical fix. Alas, the Grammy winner won’t be belting Evita in Broadway 4D this year, and, also alas, we won’t get to find out what the streets of Buenos Aires smell like. Chorizo?

James Snyder’s Dressing Room Smells
If/Then star James Snyder has a public service announcement: He is not the stinky guy in the cast. His dressing room only smells funky because his storage bins are emitting a mysterious odor. Suuure, James, blame it on the bins. That’s what they all say.

Ramin Karimloo Thinks He’s Boring
The Les Miz star should be putting on his Tony game face right about now, but he’s preoccupied with another competition: Is his vlog as interesting/awesome/exciting as the smelly James Snyder's? You're doing great, Ramin, just keep singing and taking your shirt off.

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