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Audra McDonald Needs Six Tissues, Bryan Cranston Has a Mystic Crystal Revelation & More Lessons of the Tony Awards

Audra McDonald Needs Six Tissues, Bryan Cranston Has a Mystic Crystal Revelation & More Lessons of the Tony Awards
Samuel L. Jackson's glasses and Chris O'Dowd's flask taught us some very important lessons at the 2014 Tony Awards.

You savored each moment. You tweeted. You did shots. You cursed at the TV. And if you’re like us, you had an absolute blast watching the 2014 Tony Awards. Every Friday, we bring you’s Lessons of the Week—and so much stuff happened at this year’s ceremony, we’re bringing you a special Tony edition!

Hugh Jackman Burned 1,100 Calories
Between tap dancing, twirling leading ladies, bouncing for five straight minutes and the general aerobic demands of hosting a three-hour awards show, we estimate Hugh Jackman burned 1,100 calories at the Tony Awards. This also happens to be the number of calories NPH consumes daily on his patented Amazing Legs Diet.

Even After Six Tonys, It’s OK to Cry
What do you do when you’ve made Tony history? Bawl your eyes out! Winning hasn’t gotten old for six-time Tony winning Lady Day star Audra McDonald, who had trouble composing herself before making an incredibly inspiring speech. Now Audra, for the last time: Can we please have just one Tony? You’ll never even know it’s gone!

Samuel L. Jackson Has Tasty Glasses
Hedwig and the Angry Inch star Neil Patrick Harris didn’t win a Tony for staying within the safe confines of the fourth wall. In his live performance, he gave Sting a lap dance, treated Orlando Bloom to a sexy “car wash” and licked Samuel L. Jackson’s spectacles before collapsing into Kevin Bacon’s lap. Transgender East German rock stars have all the fun.

Ramin Karimloo Wins Dad of the Year
Typically, nominees love a cheering crowd, but Les Miz star Ramin Karimloo hushed the audience when his name was announced for Best Actor in a Musical. Why? His adorable son fell asleep with his head on his shoulder, and Karimloo didn’t want to wake him up. He may not have won a Tony, but a Best Dad award is probably better.

Bryan Cranston Second-Acted Hair
We’d never have pegged All the Way star Bryan Cranston as a wild hippie, but as he revealed in his Tony speech, he’s been in love with theater ever since he second-acted a performance of Hair on Broadway. You know, the act where they get naked. Mr. President! We’re shocked. And intrigued. But mostly shocked!

If At First You Do Not Win, Try, Try Again
A Raisin in the Sun director Kenny Leon first helmed a Broadway production of the Lorraine Hansberry drama in 2004 and didn’t even get a nomination. So he rolled up his sleeves and tried again—and this time he took home the award for Best Director and Best Revival of a Play! When all else fails, it never hurts to be persistent. And cast Denzel Washington.

Harold Hill’s Got Street Cred
Mid-show, Hugh Jackman broke into some impressive fast-talking Harold Hill schtick, and we immediately started dreaming of an encore performance on the forthcoming live telecast of The Music Man. Yes! Just when we were thinking Jackman would be a great choice to play the iconic con-man, T.I. and LL Cool J came in and we started having nightmares about wacky stunt casting. Sigh.

Want a Tony? Change Your Name
Before Hedwig, Lena Hall appeared in five Broadway shows, including the original cast of Kinky Boots, as Celina Carvajal. After legally changing her moniker to an easier-to-remember stage name, BAM! She snags the role of Yitzhak in Hedwig and wins her very first Tony Award. Moral of the story? Never be yourself.

Leading Ladies Love a Ménage à Six
In one of our favorite musical numbers of the evening, Jackman successfully swooned not one, not two, but five ladies in the Best Leading Actress in a Musical category. We’d love to see the host co-star with any one of them—or better yet, all five at once. Now that’s a love hexagon we want to see on stage! Sister Wives: The Musical?

If You Lose, Bring Booze
Tony nominee and Broadway newbie Chris O’Dowd introduced a brand new tradition at this year’s ceremony: When Bryan Cranston won O’Dowd’s category, the Of Mice and Men star immediately pulled out a flask and took a drink. Thanks for the suggestion, Chris! Next year, we’ll be rocking this on the red carpet, and win or lose, you're all welcome to take a swig.

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