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Idina Menzel Is the Jewish Santa, True Blood Might Suck On Stage & More Lessons of the Week

Idina Menzel Is the Jewish Santa, True Blood Might Suck On Stage & More Lessons of the Week
Lindsay Lohan and Meryl Streep taught us some very important lessons this week.

It’s finally Friday, and we think you deserve a reward. No, not peanut butter cups—the Lessons of the Week, of course! Every Friday, recaps the craziest things we’ve learned in the last seven days. Ready to be shocked, amused and just a little bit angry? Great! Check out this week’s lessons below.

Meryl Streep Steals Broadway Roles
The great and powerful Meryl has been cast in another film remake of a Broadway showMaster Class. We can’t wait to see her Streep it up as Maria Callas, but we’re hurt she hasn’t appeared on actual Broadway in almost 40 years. What are you afraid of, M? Jazz shoes? Tiny dressing rooms? The occasional roach? What?

This Xmas, Give the Gift of Idina Menzel
Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la moo. Yep, If/Then leading lady Idina Menzel has announced that she’s recording a Christmas album. But there's one catch: She’s Jewish. Hey, works for us! We’ll keep it right next to our other favorite, the John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John holiday album. Ooh-ooh-ooh, honey.

Vampires Will Suck in a Musical (Again)
First there was Dance of the Vampires. Then Dracula. Then Lestat. But alas, every vampire musical thus far has been a major flop. Will the in-the-works musical adaptation of True Blood be the exception to the rule? Hey, as long as it has sexy vampires ripping their shirts off and biting people’s necks, we’re there.

Wait, Lea Michele Has More to Say!
Glee star Lea Michele’s new memoir Brunette Ambition taught us tons of useful info, like how to make gluten-free pizza with a fried egg on top. But the Broadway babe has so much more material, she’s writing a sequel. Maybe she’ll remember to thank her Glee mama this time.

What Happens on B’way Stays on B’way
We’ve been betting our bottom dollar that the new musical remake of Honeymoon in Vegas would dance its way to New York next season—and luck be a lady, our dreams have came true! Bring on the singing Elvises, pole dancers and endless buffets! We're ready.

Nothing You Read About DanRad Is True
The Cripple of Inishmaan star Daniel Radcliffe wants to set a few things straight: He does not have a giant bronze statue of himself at home, he does not order beer from monks, and he is not getting married soon. That’s his evil twin, Raniel Dadcliffe. Get it right, people.

B'way’s Beginning to Look Like Hogwarts
Speaking of Raniel Dadcliffe, his pal Rupert Grint is riding his broomstick to New York to star in It’s Only a Play (with a ton of other big stars) next season. Wow, two Hogwarts students on Broadway in the same year? This is fantastic news! Your move, Hermione.

You Can Now Step on Kristin Chenoweth
If you’ve ever wanted to throw cigarette butts and used gum on your favorite Broadway stars, now is your chance! Kristin Chenoweth, Daniel Radcliffe (not to be confused with his evil twin), Jim Parsons, Paul Rudd and more are being inducted into the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Come on, boots! Start walking!

Tupac Was a Theater Geek
On opening night of Holler If Ya Hear Me, Tupac’s brother Mopreme told us something else awesome about the late legend: He loved blasting Les Miz in the car. Damn, this is information we really could have used when we were getting beaten up in middle school.

Lindsay Lohan Needs a Wake-Up Call
The screen star has announced she’s planning to make her West End debut in Speed-the-Plow, despite being a no-show on some important press opportunities. Lindsay, we know you’ll probably oversleep and miss some performances, but let’s make a deal, OK? As long as you don’t pull a Piven and get mercury poisoning, we’ll call this whole thing a success.

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