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The Pampered Pooches of Broadway Tell All! Find Out Their Favorite Snacks, Biggest Onstage Mishaps & More

The Pampered Pooches of Broadway Tell All! Find Out Their Favorite Snacks, Biggest Onstage Mishaps & More
The stars of 'Bullets over Broadway', 'Lady Day', 'Pippin' & 'Of Mice and Men' photographed for by Caitlin McNaney
The pups from 'Pippin,' 'Lady Day,' 'Of Mice and Men' and 'Bullets Over Broadway' speak out!

In honor of the 16th annual Broadway Barks event on July 12, is paying homage to our favorite furry friends—the pups of the Great White Way! These seriously pampered pooches are living the fine life in the Big Apple, rubbing paws with celebrities, chowing down on lots of delicious treats and taking luxurious naps in their dressing rooms. sat down with Roxie, Barnum, Violet and Trixie to find out the perks of being a Broadway pup. Check out their answers below!

Roxie, Lady Day at Emerson's Bar & Grill

Pre-show must-have: My private time with Audra McDonald. NO ONE ALLOWED!

Favorite food to eat between shows: Nothing. A working actress never snacks.

Broadway dream role: Leading role in the musical adaptation of Beverly Hills Chihuahua.

Best backstage celebrity visitor: Rocky star Andy Karl, who else? Andy and his wife Orfeh adopted one on my Legally Blonde co-stars. A girl can dream, can't she?

Biggest onstage mishap: I forgot to brush my teeth before kissing Audra. So unprofessional.

Best thing about being on Broadway: Instead of my three-person family loving me, the whole theatrical community loves me.

Barnum, Pippin

Must-have pre-show item: The quilt my grandma made me. It has all the smells of home to makes me feel comfortable in my dressing room. Also, I can't resist a good squeaky drives my dressing roommate [Ciara Renee] insane!

Favorite food to eat between shows: Whatever YOU are eating! Shhhh, don't tell my mom!

Broadway dream role: I would love to play Toto one day. Although, I'd actually rather be the one wearing the ruby slippers!

Best backstage celebrity visitor: Meeting James Earl Jones was the coolest—especially since I look like an Ewok!

Biggest onstage mishap: The stage is a little slippery and sometimes I run so fast during my entrance that I misjudge how far I have to jump to get on the elephant stool. One time, I jumped too early and smashed into the stool and bounced off. I brushed it off and continued on like a pro. I'm so darn cute, I don't even think the audience noticed!

The best thing about being on Broadway: I love all the special attention—belly rubs, extra special treats, and being harassed by the “pupperazzi” are all highlights of my Broadway experience! I hope this is only the beginning of an exciting career in show business.

Violet, Of Mice and Men

Must-have pre-show item: My make-up towel. When my trainer Lydia puts my make-up towel down, I know that good things are about to happen.

Favorite food to eat between shows: My understudy, Blue, eats this yummy chicken and rice food that comes from the refrigerator. I love almost anything that comes from the refrigerator.

Broadway dream role: Elphaba in Wicked. The play shows how the witch is not "wicked" at all, it's based on misperceptions and fear which is something I can totally relate to as a pit bull. I know I can rock the green make-up and a pointy black hat.

Best backstage celebrity visitor: The day that Daniel Radcliffe and Patti LuPone came for tea was the best.

Biggest onstage mishap: I once tried to rush onto the stage at the top of the show, about 30 minutes before my cue. Lydia had no idea I could run so fast! Never underestimate this senior pooch. Unfortunately Ray, one of the crew members, grabbed me just as I was putting my cute little paws on the stage. Ever since that day, Lydia puts my leash on when they call places. Harrumph.

The best thing about being on Broadway: I love riding in the Canine Car service with our driver Alice. I love hanging out with the cast and crew in the green room even though I'm no longer allowed on the couch. I love sneaking into Jim Norton's room. He is always happy to see me and his pockets are full of chicken.

Trixie, Bullets Over Broadway

Must-have pre-show item: Full grooming session. I never go onstage without every hair being in place.

Favorite food to eat in between shows: Broiled chicken. A girl must watch her waistline.

Broadway dream role: Any Disney Princess role.

Best backstage celebrity visitor: Liza Minnelli. She gets me.

Biggest onstage mishap: I came onstage and there was a piece of grass on my tail and my co-star Karen Ziemba had to pull it off onstage. I was mortified.

The best thing about being on Broadway: Being a role model for girls and dogs everywhere, proving that even if you have a rough start, you can survive and thrive. And oh yes, promoting world peace.

Special thanks to Bill Berloni, Lydia DesRoche, Rachel Maier and the Bullets Babes.

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