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Matilda - Broadway

Roald Dahl's classic children's story comes to life on Broadway.

Matt Harrington on His Stint as an Amateur Computer Hacker, His Favorite Alien & Terrifying Tots in Matilda

Matt Harrington on His Stint as an Amateur Computer Hacker, His Favorite Alien & Terrifying Tots in Matilda
Matt Harrington photographed at Citizen M Hotel by Caitlin McNaney for
'I was a very amateur hacker in junior high.'

Age: 32

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Current Role: Mr. Wormwood, the loudmouthed, TV-obsessed dad audiences love to hate in Matilda on Broadway.

Stage & Screen Cred: After making his Broadway debut as an understudy in Harvey, Harrington appeared in the acclaimed productions of Richard III and Twelfth Night in the West End and on Broadway. His small screen credits include The Good Wife and Bored to Death.

“I really wanted to be a pilot—so when I was 12, my buddy and I saved up our allowance, said we were sleeping at each other’s houses and bought plane tickets to San Francisco. In cash. We hung out in the empty airport for five hours and took the first flight back to San Diego the next morning."

“My first-ever commercial was an anti-drinking P.S.A. with Jim Parsons. I remember saying, ‘I’m rich!’ and Jim telling me not to get excited until the check showed up. He mentioned being on unemployment and I thought, ‘Sucks for him!’ The commercial never aired. I made 300 bucks."

“I was a very amateur hacker in junior high. I would regularly hack into my school’s computers to find teachers’ records. But I’d never change my grades! I was a moral hacker."

“When I saw Mark Rylance in Jerusalem, he became my idol. So the first day of Richard III and Twelfth Night rehearsal, I was like, 'Play it cool! Don’t be a fanboy! You’re a co-worker now.' He’s a unique species of creature. An alien, in the best possible way."

Matilda is a fun musical, but it’s dark. In rehearsal, the associate director told me to stay strong with the kids: ‘I know these girls are sweet—they look cute and it feels weird, but don’t back down.'"

“The only way to make it on Broadway these days is to be a movie star, do musicals or be in a really good British import, because those seem to be the only things that survive. This year, I’ve somehow pulled off two of the three!"

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