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Kristin Chenoweth Can’t Reach the Pedals, Norm Lewis Is a Space Chef & More Lessons of the Week

Kristin Chenoweth Can’t Reach the Pedals, Norm Lewis Is a Space Chef & More Lessons of the Week
Norm Lewis' crescent rolls and James Franco's selfie skills taught us some very important lessons this week!

It's the dog days of summer, but it's never too late to learn something new. For instance, did you know that The Phantom of the Opera star Norm Lewis can cook space food in his dressing room? And Lady Day headliner Audra McDonald is aging in reverse like Benjamin Button? Find out about all of this weird stuff and more in's Lessons of the Week!

Kristin Chenoweth Is Too Short to Cycle
The Tony winner has a super-svelte bod, but at 4'11", it’s apparently tougher for Kristin Chenoweth to get in shape than taller folks. In fact, her SoulCycle class has a sign barring people under five feet from entry. Oh yeah? That’s what you think. Why are you telling me? No! I can’t stand it. (And that’s our new philosophy!)

Norm Lewis Cooks Space Food
What does Phantom star Norm Lewis do when he’s not cutting down chandeliers and laughing maniacally? He’s backstage in his dressing room making crescent rolls. Yep, he’s got a giant convection oven (that kinda looks like a spaceship) back there. He also cooks broccoli, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Annaleigh Ashford Wants to Dine at Liza’s
When the You Can’t Take It With You star was asked who she’d love to have over for dinner, she immediately picked Liza Minnelli. Then, she invited herself to Liza’s, because she doesn’t have a dining table, just a coffee-table-slash-storage-trunk. So Liza, what do you say? Can Annaleigh come over for some prairie oysters?

We’re Meeting You in the Woods
We had a big surprise this week when Disney released the first trailer for the Into the Woods film. Sure, there aren't any actual songs in it, but the sets, costumes and actors look absolutely gorgeous! Well, Meryl Streep’s getup is a little rough, but something tells us she’s gonna clean up just fine approximately halfway through the movie.

James Franco Is the Authority on Selfies
Broadway alum (yep) James Franco has officially concluded his run in Of Mice and Men, and what did he learn? How to take the perfect stage door selfie. Here’s how you do it: Wear sunglasses and a baseball cap, don’t smile, don’t hold the phone too close and don’t hold it too far away. That’s it! Oh, and don’t tag James Franco.

Audra McDonald Looks 20
Six-time Tony winner Audra McDonald downs quite a few gins in Lady Day, but this week, a real-life bartender demanded to see some ID before serving her. Audra, we think you don’t look a day over 18. Hell, you don't look a day over 16! Zoe is your sister, right?

Newsies Know How to Stage Dive
As the cast of Newsies approaches the end of their Broadway run, we asked eight of the original newsboys about their favorite onstage bloopers. Most of them named the time Jess LeProtto dove into the orchestra pit before jumping back out just in time to end the number. Geez, what’s in those Schnipper’s milkshakes, anyway?

James Snyder Is In Harold Hill Boot Camp
It takes judgment, brains and maturity to star in a Broadway show, and James Snyder proved this (with a capital “P”) in his recently renewed video blog “Hey Kid.” Don’t believe us? He can lift weights and sing “Trouble” from The Music Man at the same time! James, you’re not using your vlog to campaign for a certain role in a certain live NBC broadcast, are you?

NYC Could Drive Ryan Molloy Psycho
British stage star Ryan Molloy’s new Broadway gig in Jersey Boys comes with a new apartment...complete with a huge gym no one uses! This means, logically, that Molloy is free to imagine he’s Patrick Bateman in American Psycho. Are you trying to tell us something, Ryan Molloy? You and James Snyder sure know how to be subtle.

Allison Williams Won’t Grow Up
You’ve seen her play a disenchanted millennial on Girls—now see Allison Williams play an enchanted young boy in Peter Pan Live! Yeah, we’re kinda surprised by the casting choice too, but The Sound of Music turned out okay, right? Right?! Lena Dunham, we’re really excited to live-Tweet this magic with you.

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