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Michael Cera Thinks He’s a Lion, Audra McDonald Is the Raw Meat Fairy & More Lessons of the Week

Michael Cera Thinks He’s a Lion, Audra McDonald Is the Raw Meat Fairy & More Lessons of the Week
Audra (no last name necessary), Rupert Grint and Jeremy Jordan's beard taught us some important lessons this week!

It’s Friday, and you know what that means—it’s time to get hammered! No, wait, it’s time for the Lessons of the Week, where we highlight the craziest, weirdest and most WTF moments of the last seven days for your reading convenience. So grab your raw meat and your Schmackary's German chocolate brownies, because it's time to get this party started!

Michael Cera Just Can’t Wait to Be King
The Broadway newbie may be headlining This is Our Youth, but it doesn’t sound like he actually knows anything about the play. “It’s The Lion King with three people, basically,” he told us. Wait, there's cocaine in the Pride Lands?

Norm Lewis = The Abs of Broadway
We’ve always called The Phantom of the Opera star “Worm,” but apparently he picked up another nickname while he was starring in The Little Mermaid: The Abs of Broadway. That may have been the case in 2008, but in 2014 you’ll have to share that title with someone else, Worm.

James Snyder Wants to Be Patti LuPone
If/Then star James Snyder tried his hand at being an usher on this week’s Hey Kid, and vented about audience members clinking ice in their drinks and taking photos during the show. Good Patti impression, James! Now sing this.

The Berkshires Are Just Like Vegas
We thought the characters in The Country House would sit around and play chess at their Berkshires vacation home, but apparently the Massachusetts theater destination gets pretty crazy! The cast won’t reveal details, but you know what they say: What happens in the Berkshires makes a great Donald Margulies play.

The Genie Will Fight You For Brownies
Aladdin star James Monroe Iglehart seems like a cuddly teddy bear, but he’s actually a coldblooded brownie fiend. If you steal his Schmackary’s German chocolate brownie, watch out. He’ll punch you in the face, take away your wishes, and then you’ll never get that lifetime supply of peanut butter cups you’ve always wanted. Never!

Fans Want Jeremy Jordan to Shave
The results of the most important Smackdown in Show history are in: 61% of fans want Jeremy Jordan to grab his Gillette and shave that peach fuzz he’s been growing for Finding Neverland off his face. Guys, it’s time to embrace change! Has Newsies taught you nothing?! Seize the beard!

Rupert Grint Roots For the Home Team
Now that Harry Potter favorite Rupert Grint has crossed the pond to star in It’s Only a Play, he’s enjoying all the sights, sounds and smells New York City has to offer—he even went to his first Yankee’s game. We have theater degrees, we're not really sports people. Is baseball kind of like Quidditch?

Newsies Wins the Ice Bucket Challenge
It’s safe to say that we’ve watched at least 1,000 ice bucket challenges this week. And while any video that spreads awareness and raises money for ALS is awesome, we have a special place in our hearts for the video submitted by the cast of Newsies. Why? Because they take their shirts off. Why did you think?

Barbra & Sports Are a Winning Combo
Let’s play a word association game. When we say a word, tell us the very first word you think of. OK, ready? “Barbra Streisand.” You immediately thought “The Super Bowl,” didn’t you? We also would have accepted “drag” and “Indiana Jones hats.”

Audra Has a Meaty Gift for Hugh Jackman
Lady Day star Audra (no last name necessary—we’re trying to turn her into Oprah, guys) will conclude her run to make way for The River, starring Hugh Jackman, this fall. The six-time Tony winner realized she should give Wolverine a gift, so she decided to leave a slab of raw meat in her dressing room. Hey, that’s just how Mama Broadway rolls.

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