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Weekend Poll Top Three: How Very! Fans Want to Pass Notes with Heathers’ Veronica Sawyer in Class

Weekend Poll Top Three: How Very! Fans Want to Pass Notes with Heathers’ Veronica Sawyer in Class
Barrett Wilbert Weed in 'Heathers'
Swap notes, eat corn nuts and down slushies? A perfect friendship!

Hear that sound? Yes, it’s the dreaded school bell. Summer camp is over; it’s time to crawl out of the pool and hit the books. Hopefully your teachers, principles, professors, headmistresses, et cetera make the return to the classroom marginally tolerable, but at least you have your friends to keep you company. And by friends, we of course mean fictional characters in musical theater. We asked you which Broadway student you’d like to pass notes with in the back of the class this semester. The votes are in, and here’s what you had to say!

1. Veronica, Heathers—22%
She’s not even technically a “Broadway” student, and yet she still won. Veronica Sawyer is just that badass. But here’s a tip: try to stay on her good side. She has some questionable taste in “friends,” and there’s a distinct possibility that you could end up a dead girl walking if you cross her. Just shy away from the prairie oysters, and you should be fine.

2. Elphaba, Wicked—15%
Let’s be honest. This girl could definitely use some more friends. Glinda’s great, but pink isn’t the only thing that goes good with green. (What about tangerine?) Though would Elphaba be one to pass notes at the back of the class at Shiz University? We have a feeling she’d be too busy answering all of the professors’ questions in the front row.

3. Elle Woods, Legally Blonde—10%
Elle seems like the kind of girl who you could swap beauty secrets with in the back, but when it’s time to get “serious,” you could still trust her as your study buddy. She did end up valedictorian, after all. All those boring Harvard seminars would be “so much better” with Elle by our side.

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