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We're Derek Hough's Dream Agent, Andrew Keenan-Bolger Is an Everlasting Stritch & More Lessons of the Week

We're Derek Hough's Dream Agent, Andrew Keenan-Bolger Is an Everlasting Stritch & More Lessons of the Week
Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Beth Malone, Adam Jacobs, Derek Hough, Jessie Mueller & Andrew Keenan-Bolger
(Photos: Bruce Glikas, Caitlin McNaney & Joan Marcus)
Quick, someone call Ina Garten. We bet she can make a blueberry bacon pie.

It’s Friday, and you know what that means: It’s time to vote for the Audience Choice Awards! Well, that, and…the Lessons of the Week! It’s been a busy week on the Great White Way (and Tony nominations are just around the corner), so take a second to soak it all in below. From some pie cravings to some psychotically angry commuters, study up! Is The Land of Dreams
We're all about making dreams come true here at, but this is true kismet. Last month, Derek Hough told us he'd love to be in Hairspray Live!. Fast forward to this week when it was announced that he was joining NBC's telecast as Corny Collins. Between this and Norm, we think there's something in our dream casting water. Start practicing that screlt, Brennyn: You're up next.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson's Calling Himself
In Fully Committed, Jesse Tyler Ferguson takes on 40+ roles, including Gwyneth Paltrow’s assistant. He's actually called restaurants to make reservations on behalf of a celebrity before. Which celebrity? Some guy named Jesse Tyler Ferguson. The Modern Family star admitted to occasionally calling in himself as his assistant. It doesn't always work, but at least he can say he's fully his character.

We Need Blueberry Bacon Pie IRL
In honor of Ferguson’s restaurant-set play, we asked you: Which musical do you want to see open a theme restaurant? fans have a sweet tooth, as the pie-heavy Waitress took the top spot. We’re on board with this...and coming up with the perfect blueberry bacon pie recipe. We’re thinking bacon lattice top with the blueberries cooked in bacon fat. Also, cut bacon fat in the crust. Too much?

Even Adam Jacobs' Shower Is Musical
Aladdin's Adam Jacobs has a shower in his dressing room, so you’d expect that would mean a clean prince Ali Ababwa. But while giving us a backstage peek, he showed us the aforementioned shower, which is inaccessible due to stacks of his solo album. It’s all part of the glamour of Broadway, where you can sell your CDs in the lobby at the expense of smelling fresh for your leading lady. We’re sure Courtney understands.

The Psycho Cast Should Learn to Teleport
We’re hoping the cast of American Psycho lives by the Schoenfeld Theatre because you do not want to encounter them on the streets, road or subway. At opening night, several cast members revealed that any type of transportation makes them want to go full Patrick Bateman on someone. It's totally reasonable to go crazy over traffic, but seeing them in a blood-soaked musical makes the fear a little too real.

Savion Glover Will Kidnap You, Then Dance
Savion Glover’s bringing his moves back to Broadway as Shuffle Along's choreographer, and he’d love to step into the show himself. One problem: Director George C. Wolfe won’t let him. Wolfe vetoed the idea early on, but wouldn’t be surprised if someone ends up locked in a closet as Glover suspiciously saves the day. Watch your backs, dancers, and not just because you’re across the street from that hot-tempered American Psycho cast.

Alfie Boe Has Magic To Do Off-Stage
For Alfie Boe, the magic doesn’t stop when he leaves the stage. When we talked with Finding Neverland baddie Marc Kudisch, he told a story about Boe introducing his friend's daughter to Tinker Bell. Yes, Tinker Bell is a small light, but that small light can fly and communicate. Can you introduce us to her, Alfie? Can she teach us to fly? Rachel Tucker’s not answering our calls.

With the help of resident artist Justin “Squigs” Robertson, Elaine Stritch lives on in trading card form with his Lights of Broadway series. Incidentally, she also lives on in the form of Tuck Everlasting vlogger Andrew Keenan-Bolger. That’s what we gathered when he signed her trading card as himself. We’ll drink to that, and we're really looking forward to enjoying a piece of Mahler's with AKB in a caftan.

Beth Malone Has a Ring of Swag
When she's not pulling at your heart strings on stage in Fun Home, look for Beth Malone in the lobby. She very well could be selling merchandise. During a #LiveatFive visit, the Tony nominee was decked out in both a Fun Home hoodie and T-shirt. We assume she also had the matching baseball cap and keychain. Beth, have you considered joining the street team once you leave the show? You're a natural!

We Think Hamilton's Gonna Be Satisfied
It’s no surprise that the juggernaut hit of the season would clean up well in the Audience Choice Award nominees. But you blew us all away by nominating Hamilton for a record-shattering 27 awards, including five of the five slots for Best Song. It’s up to you to pick the winners, but we do know one thing: Hamilton will very, very, VERY likely win Best Song.


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