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Word of Mouth Panelist John

Word of Mouth Panelist John


Meet John, one of the regular theatergoers that was chosen to be a part of the Word of Mouth panel for the 2011-2012 theater season!

How far do you live from Broadway?
About an hour and a half away in New Jersey.

What do you do for a living?
I'm a retail manager at a Payless shoe store.

What's the best part about your job? And the worst?
The discount and the people I work with would be the best. The worst would be the bratty kids (and their parents!).

Who first exposed you to Broadway?
I would say my brother. He was in theater in high school and I followed suit. Then when I got there we would go see shows with school.

Any special childhood theater memories?
The first show I ever saw was Rent. It blew my cotton pickin' mind. I am still in LOVE with that show and am so excited it's back. I'm also a HUGE fan of Annaleigh Ashford!

What do you love about Broadway?
The whole atmosphere of it. The excitement. The way you can be moved with certain songs or words.

Have you ever acted? Had aspirations of being on Broadway yourself?
I acted in high school. I thought about Broadway but that wasn't my calling.

Who do you like to go to the theater with and why?
I like to go to Broadway with friends or a cute guy. Hahahaha. Because it's fun to get different opinions and perspectives.

What are some of your all-time favorite Broadway shows?
Ohhh. Ummm... Rent, Wicked and Next Fall.

Why should viewers listen to your opinion?
Because I'm the everyguy! I work 40+hours in retail to afford a place to live!

What was your reaction when you found out you'd been chosen for the panel?
I was so excited. I laughed, screamed, cried and peed all within an hour's time!


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