Bebe Neuwirth & Company Preview The Joyous New Short Film Jerome's Bouquet

Jerome's Bouquet - Bebe Neuwirth
Bebe Neuwirth chats with Paul Wontorek and audience members about what it was like to co-produce, co-direct, cast and design the costumes for Jerome's Bouquet. She even sings the song that plays over the closing credits!

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Bebe Neuwirth and friends celebrate the short film Jerome's Bouquet at the Tribeca Film Center on October 2, 2013.

Photographer: Bruce Glikas, ©

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Jerome's Bouquet - Bebe Neuwirth - Paul Wontorek
Jerome's Bouquet - Peter Scolari - Tracy Shayne - Linda Gabler - Chris Calkins - Bebe Neuwirth - Suzanne Shepherd - Halley Wegryn Gross
Jerome's Bouquet - Bebe Neuwirth
Jerome's Bouquet - Peter Scolari - Tracy Shayne - Linda Gabler - Nikhil Melnechuk - Chris Calkins - Bebe Neuwirth - Halley Wegryn Gross - Paul Wontorek - Suzanne Shepherd - Joseph Benincasa
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