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7th Monarch - Off-Broadway

Michael Rupert stars in this new play by Jim Henry.

Poster for 7th Monarch

Sorry, this show has closed.

Playing At

Theatre Row/Acorn Theatre 410 West 42nd Street
New York, NY 10036

Important Dates

Preview jun 12, 2012
Opening jun 24, 2012
Closing aug 12, 2012


1hr. 50mins.



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7th Monarch tells the story of Miriam Hemmerick, a mathematical genius once on the fast track to becoming an astronaut. For the past 20 years, after dropping out of college, she has lived in seclusion with her parents. Raina, a social worker, begins to investigate a potential crime involving Miriam’s mother and father, however the parents themselves are nowhere to be found. The mysteries start there, and dark personal secrets about these two women are soon revealed.

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What is 7th Monarch Like?
The odd, troubled Miriam is at the heart of this play, which is equal parts drama and mystery. She wears a space helmet when she rides her bike, squints her eyes and wiggles her fingers to recall the endless amount of information filed away in ...

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Theatre Row/Acorn Theatre
410 West 42nd Street New York, NY