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Abraham Lincoln's Big Gay Dance Party - Off-Broadway

A politically-charged mash-up comedy.

Sorry, this show has closed.


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What Is the Story of Abraham Lincoln’s Big Gay Dance Party?
In Abraham Lincoln’s Big Gay Dance Party chaos is sparked in a rural Illinois town when a grade school Christmas pageant reveals evidence that President Abraham Lincoln was gay. Soon, the teacher in charge of the pageant is on trial and two rival gubernatorial candidates are going head to head to decide her verdict, all under the close scrutiny of local residents, friends and family members. This trial of presidential proportions attracts the attention of The New York Times, which sends two of its more outlandish journalists to the “fly-over states” for an expose of the big, gay debate. What would Honest Abe think of the hullabaloo?

Should I See It?

What Is Abraham Lincoln’s Big Gay Dance Party Like?
Described as a theatrical “Rubik’s Cube,” the comedy with dancing (no, this is not a musical) tells its story in three interchangeable acts, each dedicated to one of three major characters’ perspectives: a conservative prosecutor running for governor, his liberal competitor and a big city journalist out in the sticks to cover the story. At the start of the show an audience member is selected at random to choose which perspective will be explored in what order, so the show unfolds differently at each performance. Combining dance, vaudeville, cliffhanger stories and plenty of social commentary, the play is an outlandish comedy which moves briskly from view point to view point before revealing its ultimate picture.

Is Abraham Lincoln’s Big Gay Dance Party Good for Kids?
While the sexual content and language is pretty tame, it’s safe to say anyone uncomfortable broaching the subject of a president’s sexual orientation is not the right audience for this.