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Ann - Broadway

Holland Taylor stars in her self-penned solo show about Texas governor Ann Richards.


What Is the Story of Ann ?
Ann offers a glimpse into the fascinating and ground-breaking life and career of former Texas governor Ann Richards. The one-woman-show, written by and starring Holland Taylor, chronicles Richards’ humble beginnings, her bout with alcoholism, her late-in-life political career and the difference she made for the people of the Lone Star State. Ann also fictionalizes events inside the Texas governor’s office to paint a portrait of who Richards actually was as a leader, a mother and a friend.

Should I See It?

What Is Ann Like?
Written by and starring Emmy winner Holland Taylor, Ann brings the late Ann Richards back to vivid life in this two-hour, two-act solo play. Taylor gives a tour-de-force performance that begins with Richards looking back on her life at a college commencement before beautifully transitioning into Richards’ governor’s office where audiences get an idea of her day-to-day life. Despite being a one-woman-show, Ann utilizes Michael Fagin’s sets, projections, audio and video recordings and a singular gifted actress to make audiences feel this Texas-sized story is perfect fit for a big Broadway house.

Is Ann Good for Kids?
Apart from a dirty joke here and there, there is no offensive or shocking material in Ann that isn’t suitable for theatergoers of all ages. However, the story of a Texas governor and her rise in politics may not hold the interest of young audience members, so parents may want to leave the tots at home.