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Arcadia - Broadway

Billy Crudup stars in the Broadway revival of Tom Stoppard's drama.


What Is the Story of Arcadia?
Set in both 1809 and the present day, Arcadia takes place at a lavish English estate where Thomasina, a 19th-century teenager, has discovered a mathematical theory years ahead of her time. Dismissed by her suave tutor Septimus, Thomasina continues to look into her discovery while casually observing the various infidelities of her mother and the other adults residing in her home. During modern times, two academics work alongside the home’s current tenants (Thomasina’s relatives) to research the events that occurred in the house during Thomasina’s time. The academics have varied viewpoints on the activities that took place, but form a bond as they both hunt for answers.

Should I See It?

What is Arcadia Like?
Featuring an elaborate drawing room set, Arcadia takes place in a single room and switches back and forth between the events of the 19th century and those of the present day. Cast members from both time periods also occasionally appear on stage at the same time to juxtapose what actually occurred against what the modern academics believed happened. The play features dense, intellectual dialogue about mathematics, the creation of life and other existential ideas while keeping up charmingly witty banter.

Is Arcadia Good for Kids?
Children younger than high school age may have difficulty following Arcadia’s complex language. There is discussion of characters’ various sexual activities as well as fighting in duels, but no onstage sexuality or violence is shown.