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Asuncion - Off-Broadway

Jesse Eisenberg and Justin Bartha star in Eisenberg's new drama.

Poster for Asuncion

Sorry, this show has closed.

Playing At

Cherry Lane Theatre 38 Commerce St.
New York, NY 10014

Important Dates

Preview oct 12, 2011
Opening oct 27, 2011
Closing dec 18, 2011


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Edgar and Vinny are not racist. In fact, Edgar maintains a blog condemning American imperialism and Vinny is three-quarters in a Ph.D. in Black Studies. When a young Filipina woman named Asuncion becomes their new roommate, the pair have a perfect opportunity to demonstrate how open-minded they truly are.

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What Is Asuncion Like?
Asuncion takes place in the rundown apartment where Edgar and Vinny live. Vinny spends his time smoking pot and creating music with Edgar hanging on to his every word. When Asuncion arrives, the trio spends much of their time partying on the couch. The fast-paced, humorous ...

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Cherry Lane Theatre
38 Commerce St. New York, NY