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A Behanding in Spokane - Broadway

Christopher Walken stars in Martin McDonagh's newest black comedy.


What Is the Story of A Behanding in Spokane?
As this black comedy begins, Carmichael, a man who is missing his left hand, settles into a shabby hotel room. A couple of young con artists have promised to sell him what they claim is his missing hand. Meanwhile, a hotel clerk keeps popping in and saying things seemingly designed to antagonize the other three characters. It's impossible to say any more about the plot without giving away some of the surprises built into Martin McDonagh's clever script.

Should I See It?

What Is A Behanding in Spokane Like?
Dark, profane and often hilariously funny, A Behanding in Spokane is a fast-moving 90 minutes filled with a constant stream of foul language and charismatic central character. The play finds ways to insult African-Americans, women, the elderly and the disabled—all in service of keeping tensions high and showing off the personality quirks of the four characters.

Is A Behanding in Spokane Good for Kids?
No. Body parts are bartered, the “f” word appears in almost every line of dialogue (plus frequent uses of the “n” word), and lives are threatened throughout the play.