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The Big Knife - Broadway

Bobby Cannavale stars in the revival of Clifford Odets' Hollywood drama.


What is the Story of The Big Knife?
Set in the golden age of Hollywood, The Big Knife tells the story of successful movie star Charlie Castle, who is faced with a pivotal career-shaping decision: Should he renew his contract with the studio (and its manipulative chief Marcus Hoff) or heed his wife’s wishes and do away with Hollywood for good? As he struggles to make a choice, a struggling actress with insider knowledge of an accident involving Charlie may prove to be the most persuasive voice in his life.

Should I See It?

What Is The Big Knife Like?
First produced on Broadway in 1949, Clifford Odets' The Big Knife is set in Charlie Castle’s lofty Hollywood condo, where studio chiefs, agents, gossip columnists and more pop in and out of Charlie’s everyday life. The show is a powerful human drama, though it’s not without its occasional funny moments. Bobby Cannavale leads a cast of theater and screen veterans, transporting the audience back to the early days of movie-making, thanks in part to the period-perfect costumes and scenic design.

Is The Big Knife Good for Kids?
Given the show’s adult themes and occasional cursing—not to mention subject matter that may go right over children’s heads—The Big Knife is not recommended for children under 13.