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Blood and Gifts - Off-Broadway

Bartlett Sher directs this new play by J.T. Rogers.

Poster for Blood and Gifts

Sorry, this show has closed.

Playing At

Mitzi E. Newhouse Theater 150 West 65th Street
New York, NY 10023

Important Dates

Preview oct 27, 2011
Opening nov 21, 2011
Closing jan 08, 2012



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Blood and Gifts tells the story of the secret spy war behind the official Soviet-Afghan War of the 1980s. Spanning a decade and playing out in Washington D.C., Pakistan and Afghanistan, the play follows CIA operative Jim Warnock as he struggles to stop the Soviet Army's destruction of Afghanistan and tells the story of the unknown men who shaped one of the greatest historical events in recent history.

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What Is Blood and Gifts Like?
You don’t need to be a political scientist or historian to enjoy J.T. Rogers’ new play. This fast-moving drama packs in plenty of plot points, but the characters are so fascinating that you’ll eagerly follow each twist and turn. Blood and Gifts plays ...

Blood and Gifts Video


Mitzi E. Newhouse Theater
150 West 65th Street New York, NY