Breakfast With Mugabe - Off-Broadway

A suspenseful thriller that highlights the issues of our time.

Poster for Breakfast With Mugabe

Playing At

The Lion Theatre (Theatre Row) 410 West 42nd Street
New York, NY 10036

Important Dates

Preview jan 02, 2014
Opening jan 12, 2014
Closing mar 02, 2014


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The place is set, food is served from the kitchen, all for a person no one can see but Robert. We are his prisoners. And if a person does not appease ngozi, he will see you to the grave. Inspired by accounts that Zimbabwe’s despotic President, Robert Mugabe, sought treatment from a white psychiatrist, Breakfast With Mugabe is a suspenseful, suddenly violent play that highlights issues of our time.

Breakfast With Mugabe Cast & Creative

  • Gabriel Che Ayende
  • Andrew Peric Ezra Barnes
  • Grace Rosalyn Coleman
  • Robert Mugabe Michael Rogers
  • Written by Fraser Grace
  • Director David Shookhoff
  • Set Designer Lee Savage
  • Costume Designer Teresa Snider-Stein
  • Lighting Designer Joyce Liao
  • Sound Designer Colin Whitely

Breakfast With Mugabe Video


The Lion Theatre (Theatre Row)
410 West 42nd Street New York, NY