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Broadway Spotlight Series - Broadway Classroom

A new exclusive event from Broadway Classroom.


What time do I need to arrive?
The doors will open at 9:45am. It is general seating so please plan accordingly.

Is this a ticketed event?
Your email confirmation is your ticket. There are not printed tickets just bring your confirmation email with you the day of the show.

Is there an age limitations for this event?
This event is great for the whole family. Kids and Adults alike will have a wonderful experience during this special performance.

Are the actors advertised guaranteed?
We will do our best to provide the actors advertised. As sometimes life gets in the way they are subject to change.

Can I take pictures?
Yes! There will be time for you to have a photo session with the performers. Remember to charge your camera battery.

Will I be able to ask questions?
Yes! There is time in the show where the audience has the opportunity to ask the questions they’ve always wanted to ask a Broadway Performer.