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Buyer & Cellar - Off-Broadway

Barrett Foa stars in Jonathan Tolins' Hollywood comedy.


What Is the Story of Buyer & Cellar?
Inspired by Barbra Streisand’s My Passion for Design, Buyer & Cellar is part truth, part fiction. The facts? Streisand has a shopping mall in the basement of her Malibu home, featuring a doll shop, an antique clothing store and a sweets shop, complete with a frozen yogurt machine, as detailed in her 2010 book. Playwright Jonathan Tolins takes the wackiness a step further as he imagines a man who is hired to work in the basement of the mall…with Babs as his only customer. The one-man show tells the story of Alex More, a struggling Los Angeles actor who takes a gig working in the basement mall, and develops an unlikely and hilarious friendship with Streisand.

Should I See It?

What Is Buyer & Cellar Like?
Buyer & Cellar is set in a small, white room that transforms, with help from the audience’s imagination, into a number of lavish shops in Streisand’s basement. With almost no props (except for a Kit Kat bar), Michael Urie quickly whips the audience into a froth, taking on the roles of Alex, his Barbra-obsessed boyfriend Barry and of course, Babs herself. Although Urie doesn’t do a flat-out imitation of Streisand, his mannerisms are enough to evoke the legend inside the intimate Barrow Street Theatre. Running a brisk 90 minutes, Buyer & Cellar is a delightful night at the theater for Barbra Streisand lovers and haters alike.

Is Buyer & Cellar Good For Kids?
A few F-bombs are unleashed in Buyer & Cellar, and unless your child is a hardcore Barbra Streisand fan, it’s unlikely he’ll be interested in the storyline. Older teens may enjoy this production—especially those who love to blast the Funny Girl cast recording.